We Are Going to be Fine

First, everyone take a deep breath and all calm the fuck down.

The following is an inspirational message for all Red Sox fans and Boston sports fans alike.

Let’s start with a little mood music…

Now then, fellow Redsoxians, lets calm down.  Yes the team has stumbled out of the gate and fallen most unfalteringly on their asses.  But unlike football, the baseball season is not 17 weeks long.  It’s months and months.  It’s 162 games.  Thats like – let me pause to quickly do math – nine and a half football seasons.  There is plenty of time for the Sox to correct themselves and get out of this hole we find ourselves in.

We’re only 2-4.

Yes we got swept which hasn’t happened in Fenway in quite sometime, but 2-4 isn’t a mountain that we can’t climb out of.  We’ve lost three games in a row plenty of times last season (five to be exact) and no one shat their pants then.

Photo via massholesports.com

Photo via massholesports.com

And let us not forget that we still are the champs.  We still have that card to pull over any out of town asshole who’s like “Oh how are the Sox doing?”  “Oh, you know, still World champs.”  Yea that’ll shut him up.  AND not only are we 2013 World champs, but three World champs in the past ten years.  That’s dynasty talk.  The Patriots have been long considered a dynasty and the best team in the NFL (just ask any New Englander) for the last decade because they won three Super Bowls.  Well, the Red Sox have achieved the same thing.  We are now a dynasty.  A dynasty that is currently relying on young players to step into big roles.  That’s bound to give you some ups and downs.

Hell, Xander Bogaerts, who might I add has been quite fabulous, is a year younger than me!  THAN ME!  Obviously that doesn’t resonate much for people who have never met me, but let me assure you, the kid has plenty of room to make mistakes.  But he hasn’t really.  In his first half-dozen games he went 8-for-21 (.381) and scored four runs while doubling twice and making the casual walk to first four times.  His OPS of .956 leads the team.  Those are by no means bad numbers.  In fact they are quite impressive for a 21 year old rookie.  Cut the man some slack.

Now we can also look at the Boston sports world from a wider view, which I like to do in moments like this.  I’ve already made my case for why we all need to relax about the Sox’s start and need to sit with the ducklings and calm down.  But even if the Sox do suck this season and its a ‘disappointment’ in our eyes, they Sox have done their part.  Boston is the best sports town in America because every team here wins championships.  

It’s not LA where if the Lakers suck the entire city has no one to cheer for.  It’s not Miami where up until they got LeBron, no one there gave a shit about the Heat.  This is Boston where every team wins.  So the Red Sox have won.  They’ve done their part for the next four years.  Now its the Bruins turn to win.  Or the Celtics (though that’s obviously not happening anytime soon).  Or the Patriots turn.

The Bruins look pretty strong heading into the playoffs this year and they could bring the cup back to Boston.  Basically my point is even if the Sox shit the bed this season, they have already given us so so much by winning it all in a season where no one, and I repeat no one thought they were going to win anything.  It would be like if some how this years Celtics had snuck into the playoffs and magically just kept winning and won it all.  We wouldn’t care if they sucked the next year because they had already achieved greatness.

So moral of this tale: keep calm it’s just April.  Nothing matters in April.  The Sox will get it together and become the Eastern power house we all expected them to be.  And even if they don’t, who cares?  We’re still champs.

And with that, I go out to this…

We’re still the best sports city in America.

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Pete Rogers thinks his sports opinions really matter and thus created this site to make sure everyone knows he loves Boston sports.

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