Possible Look for Celtics With Kevin Love Trade

Photo via fansided.com

Photo via fansided.com

Just can’t talk about Kevin Love enough.

In order to get Kevin Love, its more than likely we will have to trade our lottery pick. In my opinion, the trade should be: Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass, the 6th pick and the $10.4 million trade exception from Brooklyn.  This maybe too small (maybe an extra first rounder), but I would expect something around here. 

So what would the Celtics’ roster look like with Love chilling at the 4?

Love would be our starting power forward (obviously) and Olynyk as our back up.  At center, signing Marcin Gortat would be huge, he would be a nice complimentary player to Love. And we all know Pete loves this idea. Faverani would be our back up center which isn’t bad at all. I think Jeff Green will be a lot better if we get Love, since he wouldn’t be the first option on offense, so keep him around at small forward. Also Chris Johnson backs him up. Drafting Rodney Hood or Nik Stauskas with the 17th pick is icing on the cake, they both have potential to start at shooting guard. Jerryd Bayless will be the back up at the 2 and the Celtics’ sixth man. Rondo is our point guard, we all know what he can do. Phil Pressey surprised EVERYONE with a great rookie season and so naturally he’ll back up Rondo.

Celtics Nation, your 2014-2015 Boston Celtics:

PG- Rondo, Pressey
SG- Hood (or Stauskas), Bayless
SF- Green, Johnson
PF- Love, Olynyk
C- Gortat, Faverani

Thoughts? Like this lineup? Let me know in the comments.

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