Six Possibilities for Pick Number 6

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The lottery is rigged.  We now know that.  What can the Celtics do with the sixth pick?

So the lottery process was pretty shitty for everyone.  Everyone except Cleveland fans.  Literally every other team in the lottery did not have a good time.  The Bucks, after sucking the entire year, took the 2nd pick.  Not bad, but still not the 1st overall that they thought a year of tanking would bring them.  The Pistons straight up lost their pick, same with the Pelicans.  Not a good night for anyone.

This was the reason we tanked.  The reason why I had to sit through horrible horrible games and mixed emotions; cheering for Jeff Green to be clutch, then cheering for him to miss the easy layup.  And we get rewarded with the sixth overall pick.  And it really is a “rewarded” thing, not like a “lucky” thing.  There is no way there is luck involved in the falling of the ping pong balls.  If there was, the NBA would show the balls falling live.  But they don’t.  Because the NBA likes to be able to pick which teams they want to reward top picks to and which teams they want to ignore.  Some how Cleveland got on the NBA’s good side.  I blame LeBron.  It’s always his fault.

I watched the draft, expecting to never hear the Celtics’ name and slowly growing more and more excited with each passing pick.  I heard the Lakers at seven and immediately smiled.  Ha, I knew at that moment that the Lakers fans, all those gross horrible LA dicks, would have to sit there and watch as the Celtics quietly moved up the board and landed with the 3rd overall pick.  Third!  I wasn’t being greedy.  I didn’t need the 1st or 2nd, just the 3rd.  Well, that didn’t happen.

So I’ll stop my bitching – though that is every masshole’s favorite pastime – and accept the sixth pick.  Now what can/will we do with it?  Here are my six possible things the C’s could do with the pick, ordered from least to most likely:


Like I said, I’m starting with the least likely.

But seriously though, every fan of the NBA is pissed right now.  Unless you’re a Cavs fan.  But everyone else thinks this is bullshit!  And it is!  The Cavs have won the #1 pick two years in a row and three in the last four years.  That’s insane!  If it was a good, smart, well run franchise, they’d be one of the best teams in the league right now.  But they aren’t.  They drafted Anthony Bennentt number one last year.  Case and point.

Now Ainge isn’t going to give up his pick because that is stupid, but the NBA needs to change their drafting system because this is all just getting ridiculous.


Again, not super likely, but if Ainge is still looking to set the NBA record for most draft picks held by a single team, he could trade this pick back and try to get another first rounder out of a team.  

Why do I not see this happening?  Because Ainge doesn’t want to suck anymore.  He wants to fix the team now and trading back for more picks isn’t going to fix the team.  But, the possibility is there.


Here is an unheard of idea: the Celtics could actually just use their pick.  And Marcus Smart would be a great player to add to this team.

He is a big, super athletic guard who can get to the rim and free-throw line, plays with fire and passion, plays strong defense, rebounds, and looooves to shot (I call it Josh Smith syndrome).  At Oklahoma State he did play point guard and I’m sure all you C’s fans are reminding me that Rondo is still with this team.  Yes obviously Rondo is your PG, but Smart could play SG, especially if he learns how to shoot a jumper.  

You can’t ignore what Smart did in college (18 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 4.8 APG, 2.9 SPG) and drafting him would give Rondo a big, athletic wing player to play with and run up and down the floor with.  Scary to think.


Vonleh is climbing up people’s charts and there is good reason why.  He is a physical freak who averaged 11.3 points, 9 boards and 1.4 blocks per game, while shooting 53% from the field, 48% from three and 71% from the line.  And he’s 18.  18 YEARS OLD!  And he doesn’t look it.  He has an NBA body, standing at 6’9”, with a 7’4” wingspan and weighing in at 247 pounds.  This kid can play.

The major hit against him is he isn’t a true center and the Celtics already have a logjam at power forward.  But maybe Ainge packages up some forwards for a true center, Vonleh would be a terrific pick.


This is my guy.  I think if the Celtics keep the sixth pick, this is the player they need to go after.

This biggest question about Gordon is can he play the 3.  He has the size to (6’9” 220 lbs) but he played power forward at college and most people say that is where he will end up.  He put up good numbers at Arizona (12.4 PPG, 8 RPG, 2 APG, 1 BPG, 1 SPG, 50% FG, 36% 3 PT) paying the four.  

But Gordon has freakish athleticism and so the transition to the small forward is possible.  If Ainge thinks he can play the three, drafting him would be PERFECT!  I think he can play three and having out there would be excellent.  Plus it means Jeff Green takes a back seat which is always a plus.


This is what will happen.  The Celtics can’t get a game changer in the draft at six.  Those players are gone by three.  And even still, with Rondo’s contract ending next season, they need immediate help, not a rookie that’ll take two or three years to develop.

Kevin Love is that player that will change the Celtics franchise around and hopefully keep Rondo in green.  Package Sully, Bass, the sixth rounder, next year’s 1st and maybe Bogans or something to get the contracts to lineup and step back and let Ainge works his magic.

As you can tell, the blog wants Love to be in green.  We have been posting a Love article a day, at least.  Love is coming to Boston.  Mark my words.  It will happen and when it does, I will take to the streets screaming with joy.

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