Reviewing the Patriots’ Draft

Thoughts on Patriots Draft

It’s been a while but here are my thoughts on the Patriots draft. 

First let me start by saying right off the bat, the one thing that made me somewhat happy was that there wasn’t any TAVON WILSON WHAT THE FUCK picks this year in the early rounds. I mean I guess Garoppolo in the 2nd could be questioned but in my opinion it’s NEVER too early to take a QB. 

So let’s just start at the top.  

Let me also quickly say I actually purchased a Draft Guide for the first time this year and I must say I am very pleased with my purchase (shout out to Mike Loyko and his draft guide) so with that in mind here are my thoughts. 


Well what can I say is Pete, you know I love this guys. I think he is a stud.

Obviously the big knock is injuries with Easley but here is my thing: the Pats didn’t have many holes to fill as far as starters are concerned and when you are a team picks at the end of a round with a lot of your starters already set of the most part, then you can take a chance on a guy with injuries who may turn into something special. If healthy I think Easley is a Day 1 starter, with Wilfork and Kelly coming off injuries who knows how they will come back at their age, so I think Easley (if healthy and so far so good) will be a force on this defense if you haven’t checked out the film on this guy it’s a must his GET-OFF is RIDICULOUS!


And here is the pick everybody talked about: why take a QB in round 2 a guy who isn’t going to help a Super Bowl caliber team and blah blah blah. Like I said earlier there isn’t a lot of spots open for a rookie to start and the Pats had a bunch of rookies last year all over the roster you would have to expect have a second year improvement. Therefore reaching for a tight end at 62 if they didn’t think he couldn’t help right away wouldn’t have made sense, so I didn’t mind the pick. 

Now as for the player, I don’t know much about him, all I know is that the weeks leading up to the draft his name was getting a lot of buzz, so there’s that. Of course after the draft I read up all I could, I watched highlights, the whole 9 yards. I saw a QB with a nice quick release playing against schools I never heard of, but hey, he has studied Tom Brady for years and supposedly mirrors his game after Tom and he definitely isn’t going to help us at all next year, unless of course he beats out Mallett and then we’re able to use Mallet in a trade for Andre Johnson BUT, that’s for another day. 

Give him time to learn and see what he has got, if things go the way they are suppose to then he won’t see the field for about 4 years and if he is the NEXT GUY then he was well worth it.


Of course they traded back, duh!!

Another pick that I really like.  He’s a tough kid and starter for National Championship team.  Here is another draft pick that I think can start Day 1 and get Wendell AND Conolly out of there. As I said, tough kid, he will fit right in with Logan Mankins with the NASTY on the O-Line. He has played both Guard and Center and to me he is the starter now and in the future so of course I like the pick.


I’m not even going to lie I had no clue who this was straight up. Not calling this a TAVON WILSON pick I mean just I haven’t heard of him, but doesn’t mean shit. Now when all the *EHEM* “experts” are like WTF, then there might be a problem plus when you are absolutely useless on the field, that may play a small part as to why you have terrible picks named after you. 

Back to White, I know I know I start talking about one thing then go to another then back to the original thing I was talking about its confuses me too, so don’t feel bad people. Ok now…BACK BACK to White.

Another pick I had to go watch highlights and I must say I’m impressed. He seems like a good compliment to Vereen he can catch the ball run it a little. I’m not mad with the pick at all and with the running back contracts ending after the year, he is for the present and the future.

PICKS #140/#179 

Now it gets good. I wanted to Pats to address their O line and they did in a big way. I can’t take Ryan Wendell and Dan Connolly on the interior of the line anymore; they were both nice stories, both versatile, both played well in the past, but that’s just it IN THE PAST! I lumped the two pick together. Cameron Flemming and Jon Halapio both are big smart guys who have played at top programs against top level competition. I think Halapio may have a chance to start, depending on Vollmers health and Marcus Cannon playing guard or Flemming at RT and Cannon at Guard however it needs to work to get rid of Wendell and Connolly. Not to mention that in a year or two, Mankins may become a cap casualty, so it doesn’t hurt to get some young guys on the line and develop them along with their new O line coach.


Another guy I had to look up but at 198 these are the guys you look for small school or character guys and the Pats went the small school route for reasons unknown (watch out tattoo artists they coming for you). 

They took a small school guy and when you do that you want a guy that produced at that level and Zach Moore did. He finished his career with 33 sacks and 45 tackles for a loss and he is a typical project player DE/OLB this is strictly a wait and see player.


Another pick that I like. I saw Thomas play twice on TV for GT so he is a guy I heard of. Very physical player and plays both corner and safety. I have him as a safety because I think they are pretty much covered at corner. Good blitzer and with his corner skills, he can cover if he is on the field playing the safety position.  A solid late round selection.


I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this pick if only because we’re the same height, but this guy can straight up ball. He catches everything and he plays a lot bigger than his size. I believe he makes the 53 man and he has an impact on the team in the slot in the return game. He could be the gut that pushes Kenbrell Thompkins off the roster this year. A very good route runner in college which should translate to the NFL. Due to the frailty of our slot receivers Amendola and Edelman (1st healthy season was last year), Gallon’s impact may be more than expected. 

So there it is people person whoever however many people read this. Those are my thoughts on the draft. All in all, I liked what they did, no surprises that I’m upset about (TAVON) and I think they took a risk pick with Easley but if people are certain Wilfork and Kelly can come back at their age and be healthy and contribute, then I believe a 22 year old can come back as well. 

So, can’t wait for OTA ‘s to start and for the record my favorite pick wasn’t a pick at all, it was an UDFA….Justin Jones TE E. Carolina.  

In my mock I believe I had the Pats taking him at #244, ahhh well got him through FA. I absolutely love it. 6″8 277, huge red zone threat, lets hope he can get the little nuances of the game and an stick around because lucky for him, his position is the one the that the Pats didn’t address in the draft making it the most wide open spot on the roster.

Well I’m off this for now thanks for reading hope you enjoy let me know what you think. Peace out.

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