This Red Sox Team Needs to Make Up Their Mind

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This team just needs to either win or suck.

Normally when a team has two losing streaks, one of five games and another of a whooping ten, it means that team sucks.  And not only sucks a little, but sucks hard.  That team has put themselves in a spot where they are way out of the standings and all hope is lost and it’s time to look forward to next year.

Yet, when said team adds a seven game win streak in-between these two epic losing streaks, things look a bit different.  Things don’t look as bad.  But not as good either.  Really it just makes the outlook of the team a lot less clear, and this pisses everyone off.

This is our Boston Red Sox.  This team has found more ways to lose than I can imagine.  And yet they sit five and a half games back (in the Wild Card) and still with half a season to play.  They are not playing well and putting the pieces together, getting their shit straight post the All-Star break isn’t out of the realm of possibility.  This is a far better team than the one we have seen play.  Hell, we saw this roster win a fricking World Series and string together a seven win streak!  Maybe they just started another streak last night!

But sadly the Sox are in a dangerous situation.  They are treading water, which is very dangerous water (if we are sticking with the ocean/water/kiddie pool metaphor) in professional sports.  Teams in this limbo land not only run the risk of trading away prospects for pieces that never last to the playoffs, but also keeping trading chips that playoff teams would pay a fair price for.

For the sake of the team, lets hope that this win against the Orioles either starts a win streak that gets us on the right path, or its just the only win in a long line of sucking that is about to take place.  Treading water doesn’t help us.  It’s not going to get us in the playoffs and it’s not going to force us to change this team.  All it will do is fill Fenway faithful with false hope and ultimately crush our hopes and dreams.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds less than fun.

As people love to say, the Sox have reached the fork in the road.  It’s time they embrace the suck or they get their shit together and start winning.  Both are easier said then done.

The judgement date will be the All-Star break.  If the Sox can start on a tear, get the team going, ride the hot man that is Brock Holt and company, maybe win 20-22 games, leaving them just above .500 at the break (maybe like 50-45?)  Then the Sox can feel good, move forward with this year and get ready for playoff baseball back in Boston.

If they don’t turn it around, they better crash and burn.  I’d much rather see a decisive 10-22 than more floating at 15-17 or some mediocre shit like that.  Then, they’d be 38-57 and they can scratch this season and look forward to 2015.

But this team needs direction sooner rather than later.  We’ve already seen this ‘treading water’ lead to the signing of Stephen Drew which has been, to put it as mildly and with as few obscenities as possible, less than stellar.  It’s ok to have a throw away season.  I’m not saying we can’t have that.  

On Felger & Mazz yesterday, Mazz brought up the fact that the San Francisco Giants have been doing this for years.  In 2010, the Giants won the World Series, going 92-70 on the year.  Then 2011 they go 86-76 and missed the playoffs.  2012, 94-68, win World Series.  2013 they go 76-86 and this year they’re 42-22.  Needless to say, its very turbulent.  But they at least are winning it every other year!

I’m ok with that.  But what I don’t want is the Sox trading away their future trying to fix the now.  Thats stupid.  The sooner we can figure out where this season is headed the better, before we do something really stupid like trade Bradley Jr. or Holt or Lester or I don’t know, something bad.

But before management can do anything about this roster, they need to know whether this is a decent team playing bad baseball, or a bad team that can be broken up and sold.  Us fans need to see the team break one way or the other, even if it means dealing with another Boston team losing out for most of the season.

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