Bruins Discussing Possible Marchand for Marleau Deal

Photo via

Photo via

Our first rumor of the Bruins offseason.

Jimmy Murphy, formerly of ESPN Boston, is reporting that the Bruins and San Jose Sharks have been talking about a deal that would send Brad Marchand to the Sharks for Patrick Marleau.  While the details are iffy, this rumor shows that the B’s are looking to win now in their window.

Even Mr. Felger agrees, saying: “I think the Bruins are in a championship window, so go out and get championships.”

Marleau (34) is a lot older than Marchand (26) but is an elite veteran who would bring a lot to the Bruins.  Marleau scored 33 goals and assisted 37 during the regular season.

I’ll keep you all posted if anything new comes out.  But so far, I’m not against this move.

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