The Legend of Brock Holt

Brock Holt has not only been a bright spot on the Red Sox, he’s also been their leader.

When thinking of the Boston Red Sox, one tends to remember the stars past and present that led the team to victory. Past legends such as Ted Williams along with more recent all-stars like David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia undoubtedly stand out as leaders for baseball in Boston. Heck, even knuckleheads like Kevin Youkilis and Manny Ramirez had their time in the Boston limelight.

So who is leading this years Red Sox team as they try to stay afloat in 2014? It’s not Ortiz or Pedroia, and we all know Curt Schilling isn’t walking out of that dugout every 5 days. Instead, this year Red Sox Nation gets to watch Brock Holt lead this team at the plate and in the field.

For better or for worse, this season the Red Sox have been led by relative unknown Brock Holt in a surprising set of circumstances.

So first, who is Brock Holt? The up and coming third baseman? Nope. A prospect acquired from the deal with LA that’s blooming before our eyes? Nope.

Photo via

Photo via

Before this season Brock Holt wasn’t anybody in the sporting world. Looking more like a lifetime AAA’er, Holt hit a measly .203 average last season in 26 games with Boston and was sent back to the minors to start the season.

However with Will Middlebrooks out of the lineup due to injury, Holt was given another opportunity to play third in the majors but no one expected him to be more than a solid glove. Instead of just being a solid infielder, Holt has returned with a bang, leading the team in almost every category. 

In 42 games in 2014, Brock Holt has hit a mesmerizing .326 at the plate with a .369 OBP and 23 runs scored. As Holt settled in at third, teammate Xander Bogaerts struggled at short eventually leading the Sox to re-sign Stephen Drew and move Bogaerts to third, leaving only a spot on the bench for Brock Holt.

With no space in the infield the Boston Red Sox needed to keep Holt’s hot bat in the lineup and that is where Holt’s play has truly been miraculous. Entering the season as a utility infielder, Holt has now converted to an all around outfielder, playing multiple games at corner outfield and in center. And for a kid who’s never played the outfield before, he has pulled of some miraculous catches.



The ability to play every infield and outfield position while managing to hit .300+ is borderline legendary in an of itself but for a no name player in Holt, his hard working versatility is the glue that is holding a Boston team together as they attempt to get back to .500 in a tight knit AL East.

To truly understand the impact that Brock Holt has made for the Boston Red Sox this season, simply think about where the Red Sox would be without him.  Without Holt, Boston has no hitter with an average above .270. They have only one other player with more than 2 steals. No Holt makes the Sox lose the player with the top OBP on the team.

Without Holt, the team would presumably be much farther than 6 games under .500.

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