Celtics’ NBA ‘Herbally Enhanced’ Draft

Photo via footbasket.com

Photo via footbasket.com

Did this for the Patriots’ draft, might as well do it for the Celtics’ draft.

It’s my plan for the Celtics to go SUPER-DUPER young. Of course this plan was “HERBALLY ENHANCED” so it gets a little bit crazy, but stick with me. My plan as follows:

TRADE 1: Rajon Rondo to Sacramento Kings for Ben McLemore, Isaiah Thomas, #8 pick

This deal has been rumored for a while now, all the way back to Donny Marshall earlier in the year. If there’s no Kevin Love, then Rondo has to go or else he bounces and the C’s get nothing/ So might as well get a young SG and the 8th pick.

TRADE 2: Jared Sullinger, 2014 #6 pick, 2015 Clippers’ pick, 2016 1st round pick to Cleveland Cavaliers for 1st overall pick

Cleveland is trying to clear cap space to make a run at Melo and LeBron (talk about herbally enhanced) but even after they clean house, they will need good players at a cheap price and Sully fits that bill. 

TRADE 3: Brandon Bass, Keith Bogans to Los Angeles Lakers for Steve Nash, 2014 #7 pick

Another team trying to clear cap space to make that Bron-Melo run. I know helping out the Lakers in any way sucks, but again this is complete dismantle to go young for the C’s so getting as many early draft picks helps. For the Lakers, again trying to shed Nash’ salary, Bogan can be waived right away to save cap room and Bass can remain on the team with 1 year left on his deal I guess as a Pau replacement.

TRADE 4: Jeff Green, 2014 #17 pick to Charlotte Hornets for 2014 #9 pick

Told you I was enhanced so just continue to bear with me.

C’s get rid of Green (woohoo). Is it me or does Green fall into THAT category you know the one where they play for your team so you kinda have to root for them but they PISS YOU OFF to no end? My goodness over the years I have compiled a list of these type of guys from all of my teams Celts, Pats, Sox. But that’s all for another time back to this, Hornets like Green for whatever reason – maybe the same reason they drafted Kwame Brown 1st overall – I do not know but before they smarten up, make this trade. 

TRADE 5: Trade Exception to Milwaukee Bucks for Larry Sanders, 2014 #36 pick 

C’s get a young rim protector, a bit of a knucklehead but the talent is there and you get an extra 2nd rounder. For Milwaukee, well they get rid of Sanders and his salary as it will increase, plus they have a shit load of picks so #36 isn’t a big deal. 

TRADE 6: Cash to Philadelphia 76ers for 2014 #47 pick

Last one I promise. Another team with like 4 second round picks.

So after ALL of that (I know I know), the draft board sets up like this PICKS:- 1,7,8,9,36,47.


Photo via newsok.com

Photo via newsok.com

#1– Andrew Wiggins – SF – Kansas
#7– Julius Randle – PF – Kentucky
#8– Marcus Smart – PG – Oklahoma State
#9– Nick Stauskus – SG – Michigan
#36– Patric Young – PF – Florida
#47– Russ Smith – PG – Louisville

The Celtics would then release Phil Pressey, Avery Bradley and buy out Steve Nash so you would be looking at a team of:

PG: Marcus Smart, Isaiah Thomas, Russ Smith
SG: Ben McLemore, Nick Stauskus
SF: Andrew Wiggins, Gerald Wallace, Chris Johnson
PF: Julius Randle, Kelly Olynyk, Patric Young
C: Larry Sanders, Vitor Favarani, Colton Iverson, Joel Anthony

It’s a VERY young team but with a young coach who is used to coaching young kids, which is exactly what this team would be, Stevens can mold this young team exactly how he wants and if it works out then great because we’re not getting any FA to come here.  Its either a big trade or build through the draft. We have seen the big trade before now, how about building through the draft?

One last note, can the Celtics please do something about these retired numbers? I mean with everything being a business these days, not saying it’s the be all end all with players but a lot of their marketing is connected to their numbers, i.e. CP3 in Boston what CP30??? Doesn’t have the same ring to it, I propose building a Celtics Hall of Fame wing in the TD Garden somewhere and then you can put guys in that instead of retiring all these numbers. I say retire 7 numbers, Reggie Lewis stays retired of course then have a fan vote for the remaining 6. I vote of course BIRD, MCHALE, PARICH, RUSSEL, COUSY, HEIHNSON but that’s just me. That way if a big time free agent wants to come to Boston, he can keep his number and continue building his brand or whatever they do nowadays anyways that’s just my thoughts on the whole Celtics situation. Fell free to comment, stay safe everybody and as always, peace out.

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