Bruins Focus on Offense in This Years’ Draft

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Some of the greatest moments in Boston Bruins history have come from the strength and toughness of their players. You don’t have to think back long for examples, with moments such as Game Seven against the Vancouver Canucks or the riveting series against the Penguins two seasons ago. Even Boston’s captain Zdeno Chara weighs in at a massive 6’9” 250+ pounds, leading the team physically on the ice.

So with the 2014 draft arriving one would naturally think that the Boston Bruins would be looking for more tough players that fit the system, but what happened in turn was quite the opposite.

Hockey is different than the NFL or NBA because their players do not come in and make an instant impact as a rookie but the draft still shows what direction the organization is heading, and the Bruins might be changing a few thing up. Of the five players drafted this year by the Bruins, four were forwards, and the fifth was a puck moving defense men. These players are still a long way off and may have just been “best player available” picks, but it is interesting to note the type of players each one of these forwards are.

None of the four players drafted are of the Milan Lucic family, most if not all of them are still beanpoles hoping to reach six feet tall. These players are not throwing their body around on the ice, instead they are using a high IQ and solid passing to help those around them.

The Bruins first round selection David Pastrnak, second rounder Ryan Donato and fifth round selection Anders Bjork are all players that ended the season with close to double the assists than goals and prefer to pass. Also every rookie needs to add muscle before entering the NHL however the Bruins first two draft picks weigh in at 150 and 175 pounds and look like they will be just years off from Boston’s first team.

It is impossible to predict how a prospect will pan out but the Boston Bruins appear to have set up for the future to be a smaller more skilled team especially when comparing the Bruins newest draft picks with other recent smaller additions to the team such as Torey Krug.

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