Celtics Willing to Let Rondo Walk in 2015

Photo via nba.com

Photo via nba.com

Seems like the Rondo countdown has officially begun…

So for now, Rondo remains a Celtic.

After possibly being shipped off to the Kings, then to the Lakers, Rondo managed to stay in Boston on draft night and it seems that he could be here for a while.  But then again, he is a free agent in 2015, so Rondo’s time in green might be counting down.

Plan A is obviously to keep Rondo around and get a superstar here in Boston to entice Rondo to stay around.  We all thought that player was Kevin Love, but it seems like those trade rumors are slowly dying, if not dead.  And with Carmelo Anthony looking like he’ll be playing with Derrick Rose next year, the superstar market is rather thin.

So Plan B is to trade Rondo while you’re still able to get something back for him.  Obviously the Kings have expressed real interest and Rondo and you could get some decent players back for him.  But it seems, at least according to Steve Bulpett, that a Plan C is far more likely:

“Assuming again they are unable to bring in a major player to pair with Rondo, one source confirmed the Celtics would sooner let him walk away than accept a deal that bogs down their salary sheet just to “get something for him.” If they decide trading Rondo is the best course of action, they will dig in and either get what they need to enhance their rebuilding, or they will let him go and take the cap space benefit.”

So the Celtics are willing to let Rondo walk in 2015 rather than force a trade just to get something back for Rondo.

This would be a tough pill to swallow.  Seeing your franchise player just walk away while getting nothing back in return would be difficult.  I do agree that the Celtics shouldn’t make a trade and clog their books just to get something back for Rondo.  If there is a trade that really helps the C’s for Rondo, than make it.  Otherwise, lets play out this season and see where we are in a year.  Hopefully Marcus Smart and James Young have blossomed into young studs.  Hopefully that defensive center we are going to get – *cough* Marcin Gortat *cough* – will help sure up our front court.  And hopefully Rondo will want to stay in Boston, we can agree on a long term deal and there won’t be anymore wild rumors.  But I doubt that.  It seems there will always be rumors surrounding Rondo.

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