What the Celtics Do Next

Photo via espn.go.com

Photo via espn.go.com

First things first, this is my idea if the Celtics say screw it and go young and let Brad Stevens mold the team as he so chooses sooooo here it goes. 


Celtics get DeAndre Jordan
Pacers get Rajon Rondo and Reggie Bullock
Clippers get Roy Hibbert and 2015 1st from IND


Celtics get Al-Farouq Aminu and Austin Rivers
Pelicans get Jeff Green


Celtics get Jeremy Lin and Donta Montlejunas
Rockets get Brandon Bass and Keith Bogans

After those moves, the C’s are extremely young, athletic and should be able to at the very least give teams fits defensively. Plus the team will be so young they can run 10 deep and play pressure type basketball, which would at least be somewhat exciting. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have the C’s using the 2 year stretch provision on Gerald Wallace, not sure if it is possible. For this article it is possible so now the roster after this would be. 

PG – Marcus Smart
SG – Avery Bradley
SF – Al-Farouq Aminu
PF – Jared Sullinger
C – DeAndre Jordan

Bench: Vitor Favarani, Kelly Olynk, James Young, Austin Rivers, Jeremy Lin, Colton Iverson, Donta Montlejunas, Chris Johnson, Chris Babb, Phil Pressey and Joel Anthony.

In my opinion, this team has a chance to grow together and get better there is PLENTY of potential. The Celtics haven’t given up any future assets and still have the ability to make a major move if the opportunity presents itself. 

Another little tid bit as far as the SF and SG positions just because I put Aminu and Bradley as the starters doesn’t mean they are the starters. Between Young, Aminu, Bradley and Rivers, the best combo of SG and SF would start just gives the team options.

Anyways, I feel Jordan, Sully and Smart should be the locks to start, the wings are up for grabs. Even the backup PG position is locked up with Lin. He isn’t a bad player and as a backup I feel he would be perfect and he can help smart transition to the NBA. Ya, he might get paid a lot or whatever but with this team, only Jordan gets paid and there is the NBA floor that has to be reached so we gotta pay somebody. 

Of course this team isn’t ready to win a title (yet) but the Celtics would put out an exciting product of young guys who play hard and get at it on the defensive end. With this team the C’s would still have plenty of future flexibility with cap space and draft picks…like adding PF Chris Walker from FLA next year – but that’s for another time. 

I hope everybody has a safe Holiday weekend have fun and enjoy!

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