5 Trades to Get Jeff Green Out of Town

Photo via boston.cbslocal.com

Photo via boston.cbslocal.com

Jeff Green needs to go and you might as well get something in return.

I’ve decided to be a nice and guy help the Celtics and Danny Ainge achieve my new goal:

Before I delve into the depths of the ESPN trade machine and concoct a way to get Jeff Green out of the green, let me first say that I don’t hate Jeff Green.  I’m actually a big fan of the guy and his battle and recovery from heart surgery is amazing and should be commended.  

But Green is not a player you build a franchise around.  

He is not a top scorer on any team, let alone a team trying to rebuild.  Green is a 28 year old perennial Sixth Man of the Year candidate just waiting to burst out.  He would be terrific coming off the bench.  His hot games would single handedly win games while his shit games could be covered up by a teams starting line.  If Jeff Green is your number one scoring option, your team is in for a rough season.  And what do you know, we had a rough season.

While keeping him around may seem nice, paying the 28 year old $9.2 million isn’t nice.  And for that, sadly, Jeff, you gotta go.


Photo via fansided.com

Photo via fansided.com


Celtics get: Gordon Hayward, Jazz get: Jeff Green and Net’s 2016 1st round pick

Obviously the Celtics do this because it’s Gordon Hayward, Brad Stevens’ love child.  Pairing them up just makes all the sense in the world.  And sadly the C’s don’t really have the cap space to right out sign Hayward, hence a sign and trade deal.

Jazz are in a weird “should we be good, should we suck” mode.  There is a lot of question marks with their roster but adding a long term contract in Hayward might not be the best business decision for Utah with Enes Kanter up for a big ass contract next year.


Celtics get: Chandler Parsons, Rockets get: Jeff Green and Net’s 2016 1st round pick (literally the exact same deal)

Basically you’re just switching Hayward for Parsons.  Parsons is a better, younger, awesomer, better Robin #Thicke impersonator who can score with ease.  While he will be a long term deal, he has proven he is worth it.  Also, if you want to get really fancy and in the head of Danny Ainge, he could be used as a Kevin Love trade chip…

For the Rockets, this is all about the money.  Especially since they just offered $88 million to the Velociraptor.  Green gives them a good scoring SF to compliment Harden, Howard and Bosh (if Bosh is smart and goes to Houston) and frees up a bunch of cap space in future years.  Sounds like a win win to meeeee.


Photo via fansided.com

Photo via fansided.com


Celtics get: Larry Sanders, Bucks get: Jeff Green

Straight forward swap here.  Bucks want to get rid of Sanders because the dude makes way to much money and gets into more trouble than Jonny Football.  Maybe not more, but he gets into his fair share of trouble.  Green would be able to come in and mentor the young budding superstar Parker in exactly how not to be an average player and at times a wildly inconsistent scorer.  Perfect.

Celtics get a big rim protector.  Wow.  That was easy.


Celtics get: Nerlens Noel, 76ers get: Jeff Green and 2015 1st round pick

Now ESPN trade machine tells me this trade works straight up.  But my guess it it would take maybe one more pick to pry Noel from the Sixers grasp.  That being said, they do have that Joel Embiid guy, right?

There is no single trade in the world I want more than this one.  I WANT NOEL ON THE CELTICS SO BADLY!  Alright, that’s my Noel splouge.  But yea, Noel could quickly become the elite rim protector the C’s have been trying to find ever since Bill Russell retired.  Seriously though, how long does it take!?  As for the Sixers, they get rid of Noel who is on expendable since you just drafted another broken center and get back a SF who can score and would complement Michael Carter-Williams nicely.  And if not, who cares, the Sixers are totally fine sucking.  That’s their future plan anyways.


Photo via centralmaine.com

Photo via centralmaine.com


Celtics get: Serge Ibaka, Thunder get: Jeff Green

I mean, I can dream can’t I?  I know this fifth trade is kind of a joke and not really a real one but there aren’t many teams that would want Jeff Green.  I know the Wizards have shown interest but the Wizards have no one I care about.  Though they did just resign Marcin Gortat, maybe there could be a trade in there.

There are possibilities out there for the Celtics.  Getting Green’s $9.2 million off the books would be a big help for a rebuilding team and realistically, he shouldn’t want to stay around to watch the rebuild process.  Green deserves to play for a winning team and we aren’t headed that direction anytime soon.

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