Celtics Acquire Tyler Zeller and Marcus Thornton in Three Team Trade

Photo via rightdowneuclid.com

Photo via rightdowneuclid.com

FIREWORKS! Or at least a small little light show.

Celtics making moves this morning, joining forces with the Cavs and Nets to acquire Tyler Zeller (from Cavs) and Marcus Thornton (from Nets).

Still not sure exactly what the Celtics are giving up this trade – maybe their trade exemption? – but I love this trade!  We get another future 1st rounder as well as Zeller who will be a much cheaper Kris Humphries and the contract of Marcus Thornton.  Seems like a big win for Danny Ainge and the C’s.

Maybe this is the sparklers before the fireworks?  Let’s see it Ainge!

Also the Cavs are getting LeBron.  You heard it hear first.  And by first I mean after everyone already is thinking it.

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