The Cavaliers Are LeBron Crazy and the Celtics Just Reaped the Benefits

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The Cavaliers’ hunt for LeBron continues to heat up (no pun intended) and their latest move happens to have included the Boston Celtics. Earlier today the Cavaliers orchestrated a three team deal including the Brooklyn Nets and obviously the Celtics. The Cavs initiated the trade looking to offload cap space to allow for the signing of Lebron James in free agency along with another quality starter along side him (K. Love?)

As of right now the Cavaliers rid themselves of the large $6.3 million per year contract in Jarrett Jack and also free up space with Sergey Karasev joining Jack in Brooklyn and Tyler Zeller getting shipped off to Boston.

As for the Nets, the team receives Jack and Karasev while getting rid of the streaky bench scorer Marcus Thornton which was reportedly the most important aspect of the trade for Brooklyn.

Where does this leave the Celtics? 

Other than receiving a useful role player in Tyler Zeller, the Boston Celtics received yet another future first round pick (giving them now 9 1st rounders in the next four years), this time from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Although likely not the most flashy trade, the Celtics continue to acquire assets for the future that can be cashed in for young talent in the draft or traded for stars.

Interestingly enough this trade increases the attention on Lebron James who recently narrowed his choices down to Cleveland and Miami. The Cavaliers now have the cap space to potentially bring in another big name player to help lure King James back to Cleveland.

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