The Year After Seguin

Break-ups aren’t so bad.

If you listen very closely, you can still hear the heartbroken sobs of Bruin’s fan-girls across the New England whispering on the harbor air as they continue to mourn the loss of their once beloved dreamboat Tyler Seguin who – after quite the ride on the party train last season – was traded along with Rich Peverly last July to the Dallas Stars. 

Now, that’s not to say that other fans of the boys in the Black and Gold weren’t totally traumatized after the event, either. After a Game 6 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, no one expected what was to come the following off-season.

GM Peter Chiarelli caused some serious trust issues after being quoted that he had no intention of splitting up the team at all, even after such a devastating loss. In the same day, the Bruins lost not only forwards Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverly, but Nathan Horton as well (even if he smiles like The Joker, we still loved him). The whole world seemed to stand still the day we lost fan favorite, Andrew Ference (to which I still cry myself to sleep over every night). 

While a mere flash of a smile from T-Segs might be enough to have girls swooning, it did next to nothing when it came to getting pucks in the next the time playoffs rolled around.

This rising star had so much potential buried beneath all those drunken nights and Vodka induced hangovers; It’s too bad it took a trade to get Seguin to shake off the bachelor lifestyle and get his skates back on the ice (Zac Efron’s Get Your Head in the Game intensifies in distance). 

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T-Segs scored a total of 37 goals with 47 assists this past season since starting in Dallas. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Seguin racked up 84 points and a +16. Wait. There’s more. Following in his former line-mate’s footsteps with Patrice’s Pals, Seguin created his own Seguin’s Stars. And how could we forget the fact that the dangerous duo of Seguin and Dallas captain Jamie Benn got the Stars to the playoffs this past season?

Seems as though a trade may be better than an intervention after all (not to mention Stars executives put the boy in his place before he even stepped foot in the city). 

So what about the Bruins? How well did we fare?

Pretty. Damn. Well.

The trade’s deal included a 3 for 4 player transaction. While Dallas was lucky enough to get Seguin, Peverly (God bless that man), and defensemen Ryan Button in no way were they the team to come out on top from the situation. The Boston Bruins didn’t just benefit from the Speed Demon Swede Loui Eriksson and Canadian Dreamboat Reilly Smith (there ya go, ladies) we also got Puck Hungry Matt Fraser who proved himself useful over and over not just during the regular season, but during the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs as well. 

Erikkson landed 10 goals and 27 assists with 37 points and a +14 by the end of the regular season. He scored another 2 goals and 3 assists during the playoffs with 5 points and a +1 by the time our run was over.

Smith (insert stereotypical heartthrob sigh here) completely heated up the ice the moment he found his niche with line-mates Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron after just playing a few games beside them at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season. He drove fans wild with scoring 20 goals and 31 assists and totaled 50 points with a +28.after it just being his first full season on ice not just with the Bruins, but in his entire NHL career.

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Photo via

Matt Fraser may have only played 14 games during the regular season, but he did manage 2 goals (one game winning) and 2 points. During the playoffs, Fraser scored 1 goal, hitched himself on 1 assist, and landed another 2 points with a +2. 

Stars fans may argue they got the better end of the deal while Bruin’s fans would swear up and down on the opposite. But in all actuality, both teams benefited equally from what didn’t seem like an even trade at first.

The amount of talent and love for the sport both the Stars and Bruins received from the big Seguin Trade of 2013 is absolutely astonishing – not to mention the overwhelming output of support from fans across each team nation. 

While last year’s trades may have benefited us in a way we could have never imagined, will this year’s loss of Bruins veterans along with serious re-signs of key players be enough to bring Lord Stanley’s Cup back home to the cobblestone streets of Boston once more?

Bruins fans still cling for their lives as they try to ride out the rest of the off-season with as minimum casualties as possible; there is no telling who is next to come and who is next to go.

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