Celtics’ Best Plan is Do Nothing Now, Then Go Crazy Next Summer

Photo via fansided.com

Photo via fansided.com

Could you wait a year before lighting the fireworks?

It’s been a hot, sticky, nasty July in Boston.  It doesn’t help to have a well heated laptop sitting on your lap as you sweat over your computer desperately reading twitter just looking for that massive trade or signing Danny Ainge promised us so many months ago.

But alas, it seems like that day will never come.  This summer has just been a hot mess of rumors and gossip and falsehoods and other words for rumors, none of which have come true.

(Well, at least for the Celtics.  Lets not forget that LeBron James was rumored to return to the small quiet village of Cleveland to save his people, and to the amazement of Pat Riley and the Heat’s three fans, he did just that.  But really that’s been it.  Much like the NBA draft, this offseason hasn’t quite lived up to expectations.)

While the Kevin Love fabrications (my personal favorite rumor synonym) are still out there, I’m putting that probability at the same odds of the Heat winning another championship – roughly 60-1.  We can always trade during the season but rarely are you going to make a franchise changing blockbuster trade in the middle of the season.  What does this all mean then?  Is Danny Ainge moving on to Plan L?  (Right, isn’t that the plan we’re currently on?)  And if so what is Plan L?  Can I tolerate another season of shit that I – and we as collective Celtics fans – would have to wait through?

Maybe it would be best for the Celtics to wait for 2015 to come around.  Chris Forsberg certainly agrees.  He outlines how the C’s could free up as much as $48mm in cap room for next year, assuming Jeff Green opts out of his deal next summer (very possible since teams are spending money like it was quite literally burning holes in their pockets) and that the C’s can dump the final year of Gerald Wallace’s death defying contract on some sad sack team (again, possible):

“So, for the sake of hypotheticals, let’s eliminate Wallace, Green, Keith Bogans and Chris Babb (the latter of whom faces an uphill battle to make this year’s roster). That would leave Boston with as little as five guaranteed contracts (Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynyk, James Young and Jared Sullinger) at a total value of roughly $17.3 million (we’re assuming here that team options on Olynyk and Sullinger would be no-brainers to pick up). Boston could also retain low-cost bodies such as Tyler Zeller (team option), while Vitor Faverani, Phil Pressey and Chris Johnson would have nonguaranteed pacts.”

How nice would that be next year?  A team with dump loads of cap space who can just dangle out max contracts to all the best players out there.  And there are plenty.  Kevin Love, DeAndre Jordan, Goran Dragic, LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol and Roy Hibbert to name a few.  I mean who wouldn’t want to see Love or Jordan or even the big oaf Hibbert in green?

Photo via recorder.com

Photo via recorder.com

Rondo – after obviously getting his money – can put on his best suit and become the official recruiter of the C’s and go wine and dine all these guys and get them to come to Boston.  We’d need one of those guys, add some veteran role players, see what Smart and Young have developed into and BOOM, thats a playoff team right there.

And of course this ties to not trading Rondo.  If we trade Rondo, this plan is done.  Rondo, as much as I hate to make this comparison, is the 2010 Dwayne Wade who single handedly built the evil Empire.  Though Rondo would be building the Rebellion obviously.  We’re the good guys.

Now Bob Ryan’s face would reach uncharted levels of red if I didn’t mention that the Celtics rarely ever get big name free agents to sign with us.  So if you are in the same, small, hole filled boat as Mr. Ryan, not all hope is lost.  

The abundances of cap space allows for the C’s to take on larger contracts in trades then what they are sending out.  With quite literally a bajillion (yes, I counted) first round picks over the next eight years, this is a very real possibility, since the picks would be the major asset of any trade, not necessarily a player.  Every year there’s someone looking to bolt from their team to leave for greener pastures.  And obviously the greenest pastures are out in Boston.  Since we wear green.  Get it?

Maybe you don’t like the entire 2015 principle.  Maybe you hate Plan L and want to move on to Plan M.  Sadly there really isn’t another good option out there.  While free agents like Lance Crazy in the Head Stephenson and Greg Why Haven’t We Heard Anything About This Guy Monroe are still out there, that class of agent is going to cost money that we don’t have.  And I’m also not sure what they will bring us, other than mediocrity.

It’s time to crawl back into your happy place and quietly whisper “It’s all going to be fine” to yourself over and over as the Celtics embark on what is sure to be another turbulent season.  Or, if you are brave and willing to accept a loss here and there, occasionally peek your head out and watch the further development of Kelly and Sully.  Watch Smart and Young establish themselves in the NBA.  Watch the now wide open East battle with each other for world domination as the West laughs at the mere notion that any team in the East is going to beat them.  Then, sit with your rabbit’s foot/fingers crossed/lucky boxers/MJ’s college shorts/Wade Bogg’s chickens and hope the C’s land a top 3 pick.  

Then Danny Ainge’s Construction Co. vans will be all around Boston.  It’ll be building season.

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