Three Players the Red Sox Should Call Up After the Break

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The Boston Red Sox have had a less than desirable season so far in 2014 and GM Ben Cherington has essentially admitted that the team is throwing in the towel until next season. Looking forward to next season, there are a large quantity of moves that need to be made before the line, however the most important move maybe the young players the Sox call up to get experience at the highest level. With that being said here are the three players I believe could benefit the most from a call up.

1. Allen Webster – When the Sox decided to dump failing players like Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez, and Carl Crawford into the Dodgers hands, many forgot about the decent return of youth Boston received. At the time the centerpiece of the deal for Boston was starting pitcher Allen Webster. Webster is a solid righty who pitches low in the zone and keeps hitters honest. Webster was less than impressive in three starts for Boston last season but with another 19 starts under his belt and posting a 3.05 ERA with Pawtucket, Webster looks ready to make the leap. With aging starter Jake Peavy likely headed out of Boston, his spot in the rotation would be perfect to assimilate a top end prospect into the roster.

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2. Will Middlebrooks – After bursting onto the scene in his first appearance with the Red Sox, Middlebrooks faded away at an equally impressive rate. Middlebrooks found trouble at the plate, unable to hit anything on the outside portion of the plate and has also struggled with injuries, especially this season where he has missed almost all of the first half. Since his injury the Red Sox have transitioned him into left field rather than third base hoping he will give a boost of power to a poor outfield unit. Middlebrooks shows great pop when he makes contact and would be a far greater HR/RBI threat than current young outfielders Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley. As the Red Sox look to move on from older roster members, Middlebrooks would be a perfect replacement for Jonny Gomes on the MLB roster.

3. Deven Marrero – Although he just received a call up fro AA Portland to AAA Pawtucket, Marrero would be a terrific option if the team is completely sure they want to keep Bogearts at third. With an above average glove and hitting .296 combined between Portland and Pawtucket, there is really no reason not to have him with the Red Sox. Pair Marrero’s success in the minors with Stephen Drew’s .151 average so far this season and all of the sudden Marrero looks like a much better option.

The Boston Red Sox are in an unusual spot for an organization that consistently spends millions of dollar in the off-season, but the only thing that could make this season worse is if Boston refuses to completely embrace a youth movement. These three players are going to carry the Red Sox forward into the future and should get as much experience early as they can.

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