All Quiet on the Frontier; Bruins Distant from Free Agency

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With less than 90 days until the beginning of the new NHL season (One more day down, we can do it guys) the frontier of free agency has been slowing its momentum as players start lacing up their skates and begin working on their most intimidating game faces in the mirror (We all know Dougie needs a bit of work on his). 

Most teams have been signing off new players like the world was going to end next week, but the Bruins have kept it pretty quiet in terms of bringing some new meat to B-Town. Surprising at all? It really shouldn’t be.

It seems as though we’ve been too busy rounding up our old recruits to sign in blood on the dotted line. First to sell his soul to the Beast of the East? Jordan Caron. 

Jordan. Caron. Let’s sit and let that sink in for a moment or two. Frat boy over here was re-signed even after he produced next to nothing this past season. My poor, yard-sale loving grandmother could have scored more goals than him.

Even if Jo-Jo didn’t do as well as we wanted him to, he wants to improve his game as much as is physically possible this upcoming season; disappointment isn’t an option for him anymore. Kudos to you, man.

His contract was written up as a one-year, one-way worth a cap figure of $600,000 (Well then…). There ya go, kid.

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Next up? Matt Bartkowski. Now while I may not be too fond of this little happening, it’s something that I can learn to live with. He did more for the team in the 2013-2014 season than Caron did; He made plays, kept his nose out of the complete and utter BS some players on Montreal caused, and gave it his all with his aggressive style of play (maybe Torey can nudge him a bit). 

Onward from that, the Bruins have continued the trend of signing on some rookies. Taking a look at the list:

Defensemen Tommy Cross
Cross’s contract is a one-year, two-way  worth $600,000 at the NHL level and $72,500 at the AHL level.

Forward Craig Cunningham
Cunningham’s is also a one-year, two-way contract worth $600,000 at the NHL level and $85,000 at the AHL level.

Forward Tyler Randell
Randell’s terms include a one-year, two-way worth $575,000 at NHL level and $70,000 at the AHL level.

Forward Justin Florek
Florek’s contract is a one-year, two-way worth $600,000 at the NHL level and $90,000 at the AHL level.

Defensemen Zach Trotman
Trotman’s contract is a two-year contract; in year one, it includes a two-way deal set at $600,000 NHL level and $80,000 AHL level. Year two is a one-way worth $650,000 at the NHL level (kid’s got it goin’ on!).

Some of those boys look pretty familiar, that’s true. But then again, we didn’t see that much of them during the course of last season so who in the hell knows what we’re to be expecting.

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Signing on younger players isn’t exactly a bad move on the Bruins part; it’s actually what we’re looking for when thinking about future cup runs. What’s more concerning is that we haven’t seen either Torey Krug or Reilly Smith pop up on our screens with a big fat contract signed in their names. 

Krug and Smith are two of the most valuable players we have on our team thus far and could very well play a hefty part when it comes to making a run for the cup next season.

It’s at times such as this that a Bruins fan starts to become very, very annoyed with Chiarelli and his odd little ways when it comes to trades, free agents, ect. We can’t be wasting any more time or cap space on players we’re still immensely unsure about (No but seriously, Chiarelli needs a serious kick in the head right now.

Unfortunately, another waiting game has been put upon us as we try to ride out the nerves and doubts emanating deep within our Big Bruins Souls. Lately, the struggle of being a hockey fan is very, very real; especially when we have no idea what to expect anymore (“All By Myself” intensifies in distance…).

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Megan Muise is New England born and bred with an attitude and mouth to match, especially during trips to the Bahstan Gahden. Tuukka Rask is her goal-tending God and quite frankly, if Edgar Allen Poe were alive, she'd wanna be his best bud.

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