What Evan Turner Brings to the Celtics

Photo via fansided.com

Photo via fansided.com

Multiple sources have reported that the Boston Celtics have agreed with a deal with the athletic free agent shooting guard Evan Turner. Turner was drafted by the Sixers second overall in the 2010 NBA draft and played in Philadelphia up until lasts season where he finished his season with the Indiana Pacers after being traded.

Turner being a free agent came as a surprise as many initially expected the Pacers would tender a qualifying offer for the 25 year old. However, due to personal reasons, presumably linked to Turner’s off court attitude, the Pacers let the scoring guard test the free agent market.

So now that Evan Turner is signed what does he immediately bring to the Boston Celtics?


Although many people would think of Kobe or Carmelo when thinking of isolation scorers, Turner has a similar ability to attack defenders and score. Turner’s abilities are very much the opposite of his new teammate Jeff Green who shies from the ball at times. Turner put his abilities on display best in the 2012-2013 season when he played in all 82 games for the Sixers averaging 13+ points and shooting 36% from deep, very good numbers when you take into account he only took 12 shots per game.

A versatile scorer, Turner has shown the ability to both pull up and hit shots over defenders as well as use his tremendous length and athleticism to blow past defenders and finish inside.


One of the most talked about points during the Big Three era in Boston was the teams inability to run the floor and get easy buckets in transition. With the addition of the 6’7” explosive leaping Turner along side loads of young talent that will no longer be the case at the TD Garden.

Arguably at his best in transition, Turner has the luxury against recovering defenders to finish over and around the opposition at the hoop and will likely be on the receiving end of a handful of alley-oops this season with Rondo running point.


As previously stated Evan Turner is a smooth athlete and at 6’7” he can guard both the two guard and small forwards. Turner loves to get out into the passing lanes and reach in for steals which can create exciting plays defensively, but more importantly he has the length and quickness to stay with most wing players if he shows the determination.


Most free agent signings that arrive in Boston are players who are at the tail end of their prime, yet this time the Celtics may have found a steal. Still only 25, Turner is just entering the beginning of his prime and looked fantastic at the start of last season before being moved to Indiana.

Being part of such a young Celtics team, Turner will get the ball often and with freedom to take the shots he likes. Being both young enough to grow with the team and skilled enough to fill a scoring role, Evan Turner looks like a good signing in Boston.

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