Bruins Need to Find a Forward From Within

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So far, this offseason has been a rollercoaster of emotions for us B’s fans as we try to hold ourselves together and finish riding the tsunami the organization has thrown our way with re-signs and even – in some cases – no re-signs.

Not only did we lose veteran Shawn Thornton, but we lost future Hall-of-Famer Jerome Iginla. Thinking about it, those are some seriously big shoes to fill (Though Kevin Miller seems to have those natural Fight Club Fists on the ice already).

The only problem? The Bruins haven’t really been doing all that much in the realm of trades and free agents. They’ve been entirely focused on re-signing players with smaller contracts including Kevin Miller, Jordan Caron, Matt Bartkowski, Justin Florek, and as of recently, David Warsofsky.

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Warsofsky was signed to a one-year, two-way contract July 24th with a salary worth $600,000.

Last season, he appeared in 6 games playing with the big boys and scored his first ever NHL goal and assist against the Ottawa Senators on two separate game nights. During the regular season down in Providence, he scored a total of 6 goals with 26 assists and ranked up a hefty 32 points.

While he may not be a forward, Warsofsky has been continuing to prove himself as a very valuable defensemen along with his teammate Kevin Miller.

So what about our forwards? Who should we be looking for to step up to the plate and completely own the ice like our long lost dreamboat T-Segs did?

Justin Florek. While he played most of last season down in Providence, he definitely proved himself to be an extremely skilled winger scoring 19 goals and 19 assists with 38 points and a +17 ranking. Florek played 4 games up in Boston scoring another goal and assist (Not too shabby, Rookie). He was signed on to a one-year, two-way contract worth $600,000. We haven’t seen too much of him to know exactly which line he would spark the most chemistry with, but we do know he definitely has the natural talent and skill the Bruins are looking for in a promising forward.

Jordan Caron. Caron is going into his fourth year in the professional league with a new one-year, one-way contract worth $600,000. He was drafted 25th overall in 2009 and has played 123 games up with the Bruins (not to mention nine Stanley Cup Playoff games). While he might have had nothing more than a lackluster performance this past 2013-2014 season, Caron is completely determined to show the organization exactly what his full potential is. He cannot be ruled out just yet (We shall wait and see what lies in his future…).

David Pastrnak. Fresh off the press, Pastrnak has already been shining with everything development camp has thrown at him. He was chosen 25th overall this past 2014 Draft Day. He was signed on with an entry contract and is determined to make his way up to the big leagues fast, and not just for himself, but for his late father. Members of the organization including assistant GM Don Sweeney had nothing but stars in their eyes when talking about their newest prospect (he even hinted at having the potential to even beating T-Segs’ skill level *Slow Claps*). C’mon kid. Show us what you got.

Ryan Spooner. I have mentioned time and time again the Ryan Spooner would be an excellent fit for the Bruins as a brand new, shiny forward. But alas, I am never listened to. Spooner played 23 games up in Boston, and while he didn’t score any goals, he did manage 11 assists and racked up 11 points. The spark was there with Spooner the second he stepped onto the ice during last years pre-season games. One can only imagine the sort of potential he had built for himself while playing back down in Providence to finish up the 2013-2014 season. I, for one, am expecting quite a bit from him this upcoming season.

There you have it, four potential wingers for the upcoming 2014-2015 season that could very well play parts in claiming Lord Stanley’s prized silver Cup and bring it home to Boston once more.

Is there the potential of snagging another forward; perhaps one with even more experience in the big leagues? Absolutely. But with still trying to figure out contracts for Krug and Smith, it’s not on the Bruins top few tasks on their laundry list.

However, if they do chose that road? What superstars would we want to see wearing the Black and Gold loud and proud? You decide.

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