Jake Peavy Sent to Giants in an A+ Deal

Photo via boston.com

Photo via boston.com

When the Boston Red Sox acquired Jake Peavy last season on their way to a World Series victory, he proved a more than capable pitcher and a great competitor. Fast forward one calendar year from his arrival to Boston and Peavy is the second on a growing list of veterans who became roster casualties. With Jake Peavy traded to the Giants out in San Francisco, I have to say it is a great deal that has Boston headed in the right direction and here’s why.


Most people in Boston enjoyed the first season Peavy was with the team as he was a hot name around the trade deadline. Finishing the season with an ERA of almost exactly four also helped stabilize a Red Sox rotation that had some uncertainty on the back end.

In 2014 however, for many factors including age and team performance, Peavy’s level of play dropped off with his ERA rising almost a run to 4.72 and increases in walks, home runs allowed, and hits allowed per nine innings. On a team struggling to stay near .500 and more importantly struggling to score runs, Peavy’s less than average performance wasn’t cutting it in Boston.


The second largest concern with Peavy other than his performance in 2014 was his age as the team took a long term approach going forward. At 32 and with over 2000 major league innings pitched, Peavy is not going to help the team in the future and is much better suited as a short team plug than a long team organizational piece.

With Jake Peavy traded to the Giants, it frees up a spot for the Red Sox to call up one of their many young pitching prospects to fill his spot in the rotation. The Sox already announced it will be 24 year old Allen Webster starting in his place. With Webster and De La Rosa in the rotation for the second half of the season, both can gain valuable MLB experience rather than sitting in AAA while Jake Peavy pitches out his contract.


When I heard Jake Peavy had trade interest from teams any sort of major return was unexpected but Ben Cherrington made a great deal here. With Peavy on the back end of his career, the Red Sox management was able to trade in the veteran for two top-10 San Francisco pitching prospects in Edwin Escobar and Heath Embree.

Both these pitchers are still very young (22 and 24 respectively) but have bright futures with projectable spots with the Red Sox MLB roster or as trade members in the future.


I always hate to see teams let veteran players go into free agency or fall into obscurity for nothing in return so I praise the Red Sox in this deal. Not only were they able to get rid of a player who wasn’t performing and showing wear in his old age, but they were able to get legitimate value returned to the team, and you can never have too much pitching.

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