Rondo Isn’t Going Anywhere

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Here we go. The age old question on whether or not the Celtics should trade Rondo. It seems like every offseason for the last four years, there have always been multiple rumors that Rondo will be dealt and all of them seem to be quite serious, but he is still here in Boston.

So there must be some reason that Danny Ainge hasn’t moved Rondo yet, even with offers such as Chris Paul or Isaiah Thomas and Ben McLemore. That reason is that it isn’t time to trade Rondo and it may never be. The Celtics are trying to rebuild and in order for that to happen you need to build around a particular player (they did the same thing with Pierce in the summer of 2007 when they added Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett). Rondo is the perfect person to build around because he is the leader of the team, especially on the court, and that is why he was named captain of the team this past season.

Rondo, at the moment, is the center of the Celtics team. Without him, what other player on the Celtics would stand up to lead the team? Avery Bradley? Jeff Green? Bass? Smart? Sully? I’m sure that one of these individuals could potentially stand up and be a leader but they wouldn’t be able to do so like Rondo can. Rondo plays the point guard position like it is supposed to be played. On the court he is the floor general, assisting and always setting up his teammates so that they can do better. He looks for the assists and not the points, which yes, sometimes you might be pulling out your hair because he might turn over the ball trying to make some crazy pass, but he truly does make the players around him much better. He does this by not looking to score as often as the other point guards around the league do that average 20 PPG such as Chris Paul or Deron Williams.

By trading Rondo, you would be trading away experience in return for inexperience. Trading him can get you a lot of talent in return but not necessarily at the level of competitiveness or skill that he is at.

Personally I think the Celtics should try to keep Rondo as long as they can. He is only going into his 9th season in the league and should be performing at a high level for a long time. They should milk him for all the assists and great play that they can because it is not too often a point guard like him comes around. He loves to coach too, and with a young guard like Smart, he would be a great mentor.  He will also play well with Smart. An offense run by two point guards at the 1 and 2 can do great things. As much as we would like to think we may benefit by losing Rondo and getting another good point guard in return, he is the best thing we have right now, and we need him now when he is in his prime. 

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