Felix Doubront Traded to Cubs For Nothing (For Now)

Photo via twitter.com

Photo via twitter.com

Goodbye Doubront, hello random player we don’t know yet.

According to Jeff Passan (and Jon Morosi) the Sox have shipped off pitcher Felix Doubront to Chicago for a player to be named later:

While Doubront did emerge as a nice option back in 2012 (when the Sox were struggling with pitching let it be noted), and had some nice showings in 2013, he absolutely crashed and burned in 2014.  He has a 6.07 ERA in 59 innings, with a walk rate quickly approaching four per nine innings, and don’t forget 10 runs allowed.  He was taken out of starting rotation in June, which prompted him to (hopefully nicely) demand a trade.

Well, that just happened.

Can’t say you’ll be missed Felix, especially with the tidal wave of far more depressing moves still to come (looking at you Lester and Lackey).  I’ll keep you posted once I find out exactly what we got back in return for him, but lets be honest, I’d be happy with getting a nice handshake and a pat on the back.

Sorry Felix, got far more important people to worry about.

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