Pacers Could Come Calling For Jeff Green

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As we all know, Paul George suffered a severe leg break Friday night playing in a showcase for the USA Men’s National Team, which seems even more unfortunate because it occurred during what is basically a glorified pick-up game. But, Larry Bird and the rest of the Pacers organization have to look at this injury as an issue because it seems like the earliest that George would make a comeback would most likely be halfway through the season. Therefore, the Paces are going to need someone to fill in for George or else the Pacers may have a very rocky start to the season.

The perfect person to fill the role may be Jeff Green. Green and George play much alike and are practically the same size as well. As up and down as his play was last season, Jeff Green still averaged 16.9 PPG and shot 41% from the field. Paul George averaged 21.7 PPG and 42% from the field. Although the Pacers wouldn’t be getting the same caliber of a player in Green, he still is giving them much of the same thing with slightly less points, and he could easily provide some sort of consistency for them off the bench or even in the starting lineup (also Green is a much better acquisition than the best free agent on the market, Shawn Marion).

In a deal for Green, the Celtics would likely end up getting a 2015 first round pick and then some bench player from the Pacers for salary cap reasons. The pick would most likely be top 5 or top 10 protected just in case the Pacers really can’t play well without Paul George and he can’t come back in time to help the team get into the playoffs (in my opinion think the Pacers will do decent but they lost Lance Stephenson to so you never know). In the end though, the Celtics would be getting rid of Green’s $9.2 million contract of this season and potentially next season if he were to take his player option.

So how would you feel if Jeff Green was traded to the Pacers? Personally I love Jeff Green. What he has gone through with all of his heart problems and everything and he is still able to play at such a high level is truly amazing. I think he has the potential to be a very solid player on the Celtics and as of right now he is one of our offensive sparks. He, Rondo, Zeller, Sully, and Smart could potentially be a very good starting five.

On the other hand though he would be a very good fit for the Pacers and a draft pick and more cap room is really never a bad thing. One thing is for sure though, Jeff Green will make a big impact on either the Celtics or the Pacers this coming year.

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