Patriots Have Already Approached Revis About Long Term Deal

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Well this is a most pleasant surprise.

Darrelle Revis hasn’t even played a regular season game – or any game for that matter – for the Pats, yet the team has reportedly already reached out to get a long term deal signed.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Mr. Bob Kraft himself has already pulled Revis over to see if he’d be interested in staying in New England long term:

“Revis has been so good so far that they are privately starting to talk about extending his contract.  The Patriots like what they see so much — they think they see the next Ty Law and that shut-down cover corner to really get their corner going — that they’d like to extend him out.”

“Robert Kraft has pulled Revis aside and started to talk to him to see if they could get a long-term deal worked out.”

Obviously money will be the big issue here, with fellow top corners Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson all getting PAID.  All in caps, because that’s just how big their contracts are.  Cole says Revis is thinking in the $15mm range, but could maybe be ok with $13-14mm per year.  Still, that’s a lot of money, money the Patriots are famous for not throwing around.


Revis only comes once and even if he helps this year to bring Super Bowl number 4 to Foxboro, I would love to see him in a Pats jersey for as long as humanly possible.  I’m loving the fact that Bob and the Pats in general seem eager to get a new long term deal done (this is pretty rare), so I’m hoping it means good things are to come.  All and all, wicked stoked about this news.

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