Should Celtics Go Get Roy Hibbert?

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Roy Hibbert seems to be getting shopped around.  Should the Celtics get in line?

Not all is well with Larry Bird.  As much as it pains me to write that, his Indiana Pacers have fallen on hard times as of late.  First Lance up and left for Charlotte, then Paul George (now with the nickname PG-13) destroyed is leg in possibly the most gruesome way possible and will likely miss the season.  And, after sitting back and watching the best big man in the league fall from his 7’2” castle and come crashing down to Earth — leaving a comically large hole in the floor — Larry Bird has had enough of this chaos and is looking to make a change.  Mainly, shipping out Roy Hibbert.

According to Matt Dery of New Detroit Sports 105.1, the rumblings are turing into an avalanche involving a sign-and-trade with Detroit:

Now, I highly doubt this happens.  Last time I checked the Pistons have one of the best young centers in the game out there in Andre Drummond and adding Hibbert to his roster makes none of the sense.

But what about the Celtics getting him?  Now thats an idea.

Obviously, the C’s need a center, and not only a center, but a rim protecting, defensive player of the year caliber center.  Hibbert can be that guy.  He was that guy early last season before his historic collapse.  This is the perrrrrrfect time to try and get Hibbert as well.  We have a young team with no expectations and adding a 7’2” beast in the paint could instantly make us a better team.  If Hibbert pulls a Hibbert and sucks it up, then it’s ok because he’s a free agent at the end of this year.  Well, actually he has a player option but if he doesn’t like losing in Boston, he very easily could decline that.  Trading for Hibbert makes all the sense in my mind especially if you look at the pieces that Boston could be giving up.

Jack Neill already wrote about how the Pacers could come calling for Jeff Green, since PG-13 is now hobbling on one leg for all of next year.  Well, why not include him in this deal.  And how about Brandon Bass, the strong role player who the C’s seemingly are always trying to trade away?  Or maybe the old man himself, Keith Bogans, who is getting paid to sit on his couch.  Package Green with any of these two guys and a first round pick (take your pick) and that is a deal that a) the Pacers would take and b) one that Danny Ainge would just grin like a little school girl over.

I LOVE IT!  Lets just hope the Pacers feel the need to have a hot and cold shooter join their ranks.  My guess: they’d welcome him in with open arms.  And I’d welcome Hibbert here with a firm handshake.

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