KHL Offers Torey Krug a Deal, a Big One

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Ah yes, finally some more B’s unrelenting drama that puts Mean Girls itself to shame. While Peter Chiarelli has been taking his sweet ol’ time just waiting for more cap space to appear, other teams have been feeling out their options to snag up our beloved Motely Krug.

It’s been discussed time and time again since the offseason began that our red-faced GM really needs to step up his game and re-sign both of our young, key players if we want another shot at The Cup this upcoming Stanley Cup Playoff post-season. But alas, the world (and Chiarelli) seem to hate us so here we are still sitting and waiting with our fingers crossed.

With cap space in some serious need of a renovation, Krug and Smith won’t be getting much in terms of contracts with the Black and Gold. However, they really don’t have any other option. The good news? They are completely fine with it. They’ve both settled knowing that they’re only going to be getting a 1-2 year contract for the moment (don’t worry, there are some definite extensions in their future).

There’s no denying that boys of their stature and skill level deserve the absolute world and more, but right now it just doesn’t seem possible with even more big re-signs next year and the two big re-signs last offseason (this is a serious cluster, by God).

These past few days, our fiery little defensemen has been offered a pretty hefty deal to play for an unnamed KHL team this upcoming season (please, please, put your pitchforks down you lunatics). But honestly? It doesn’t mean that Krug is going anywhere.

Both him and Smith love playing here in B-Town and wouldn’t have it any other way. The odds of them shipping off to an unknown land to play with Lord-Stanley-knows-who is absolutely unthinkable. The biggest thing we need to be worrying about right now is if Chiarelli is going to get off his butt, put Mike’s Pastries cannoli’s down and do something about this little travesty.

We’ve already lost two of our boys whom we loved to the moon and back, we don’t need to be losing anymore. The trust issues we’ve developed over the past few months are bad enough to send us yowling to the nut house. It’s the last thing on our very short laundry list to get done, so let’s do it.

Alright, continue on with your flames and pitchforks good folks, of Bahstan. Ride on. 

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Megan Muise is New England born and bred with an attitude and mouth to match, especially during trips to the Bahstan Gahden. Tuukka Rask is her goal-tending God and quite frankly, if Edgar Allen Poe were alive, she'd wanna be his best bud.

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