The Celtics’ Rebuild

How long is too long for the Celtics rebuild?

Starting to think that the Celtics rebuild is taking too long or will take to long? Well it’s not. And it won’t. It’s only been one year! It’s just in our blood as Boston sports fans to want a winning and playoff contending team all the time, but right now, we need to give Danny Ainge some time.

Teams are built, not bought. Look at the Spurs. They really worked and built a team and have been a major playoff contender for basically the last 15 years. This next season is going to be rough for the Celtics once again, but the 2015-2016 season is most likely where Boston will once again see the post season…as long as Danny Ainge plays his cards correctly.

Sully, Smart, and Zeller will further develop this year and hopefully Evan Turner can show us just why he was drafted 2nd overall. Rondo gets to be the centerpiece of this young and talented roster, and hopefully his direction on the court can move these players and this team in the right direction.

In addition to the players that the Celtics already have, they also have plenty of draft picks. Next years draft will undoubtedly be important for the Celtics once again since it looks like they might be drafting inside of the top 10. These draft picks will also likely be used in a trade (which I hope they are). Right now for the Celtics it seems like they are missing just one more superstar player, just one player that in two years could make this team a title defender and not just a 6th or 7th seeded team in the East. With these draft picks that Ainge has he could easily trade for a good player in this league, even giving up a few of the a Celtics own players.

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So who on the Celtics is likely to go? Right now it seems like it would be Rondo, Bass, or Green (not going to mention Wallace, Bogans, or Anthony because who would really want them anyways?). The Celtics could get a lot back in exchange for Rondo and that’s why there have been so many rumors about him getting traded in the last few summers. If for some reason the Celtics believe that what they would get in return for him would be better for the team, he might be the first one out the door, but for now I think he is too important to the heart of this team and won’t be going anywhere.

The most likely trade? Probably Bass and Green sent out with some future draft picks (and probably a few other players) in exchange for a star player. I’m talking about someone like Kawhi Leonard, or Marc Gasol, Al Jefferson, or (this is a dream) Anthony Davis. I’m expecting something as big as the trade for Kevin Garnett to happen once again.

Bass would be traded because he may not really fit in once the Celtics start winning again. He is really an under sized forward who can just do a good job defending because of his big size. He has a mid range jumper but doesn’t shoot well outside of 17 feet, but he could be a good role player on another team. Green will probably be traded because teams can see a lot of potential in him, which makes him have a bit more value. Green does a pretty solid job on the court too for the most part, but his inconsistency will not help the Celtics win games. His ups and downs may cause the Celtics to have ups and downs. Trading away these guys may seem bad because when they are both on their game, they are almost unstoppable. But if it is what is best for the Celtics in the long run it just might be worth it.

So while it might be another season of tearing out your hair watching a game or tearing up whenever you think about the seasons record, don’t worry. It will be just one more season, I promise. Put your faith in Danny Ainge to make the right choices. Something big is going to happen and before you know it, banner #18 will be hanging in the rafters.

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