A Way Too Early Look at Patriots Roster Locks

Photo via patriotsgab.com

Photo via patriotsgab.com

It’s too early to tell what players will make the team, but it’s fun to speculate.

Every year the Patriots plunge their hands deep into the bargain bin and pull out undrafted free agents or journeyman players who will magically start producing for the team.  Or they try this and fail miserably, (looking at you Chad Johnson Ochocinco 85) but for the most part it is a success.  I don’t know how the Pats do it, but year in and year out, a few of these players will show flashes of brilliance during camp and preseason, all of Patriots fandom will get way too hyped up, and they magically find a place on the 53 man roster. 

This year is no different.  Now, originally I was just going to list a bunch of (mostly young undrafted) players whom have performed extremely well for the Patriots in the last two preseason games and could be on the roster come September.  But that’s lame.  This article is all about being confident and assertive and taking a risk.  So, much like the past bets I have made on this site, here are five players that are roster locks for making the 53 man roster.  I bet my entire wealth on it (now coming to a nice total of 64 dollars even).


This man needs no introduction.  Tyms has been nothing short of a wide receiver stud so far this preseason.  From his insane flip catch — that for the record was a catch but the refs were too busy throwing flags to notice — to his Randy Moss impression, Tyms has built himself a home in the hearts of all Patriots Nation.  He’s not getting cut.

And to make matters better (but it’s also a bad thing) he’ll be suspended for the first four weeks of the NFL season meaning that he wont counts as a roster spot until then.  So he will at least be around till week five.  But my bet is he’ll make the team.  He has shown to be a strong deep threat on the outside and with Dobson slowly coming back from injury and Brandon LaFell learning his way around the Hoodie, having depth on the outside makes a lot of sense.  This may mean that Josh Boyce or 7th round pick Jeremy Gallon will get cut, my guess being Gallon getting cut and signed to the practice squad.


Yes, the Undrafted Hulk will make the team.  You heard it hear first.  His start to the NFL was pretty shitty at best, fumbling a kick return against Washington, but hey, it can only get better.  And it has.  Finch has something no other back has: mind blowing quickness.  Finch has the ability to stop on a dime and change direction, which is why he’s so explosive in the run and as a kick returner (something the Patriots have needed ever since… pretty much ever since forever).  While it does seem crowded in the Patriots backfield, the only real battle is for the fourth spot, with the first three filled by Ridley, Vereen and James White — who, for what its worth, has been turning heads, and there has even been talk of him starting — and I think Finch so far has shown more than Brandon Bolden.


What?  You didn’t see all the flashy plays Devey has made over the last two preseason games?  Obviously it is hard to see the impact a lineman has on the game but Devey has certainly had his chances to shine.  He has started both preseason games and played most of their entirety.  With a new O-line coach and some change up in the middle of the line, Devey will bring great depth to the line.  Also he’s 6’6” and 315, and knows the playbook from playing on the practice squad last year.  By nature of this article, I have to say he is a lock, but without that, I would still be very surprised if he was cut.


Here’s our singular journeyman on the list.  I was thinking about putting Will Smith here, but I’m not willing to bet 64 dollars that he makes the final roster.  I’m not 100% sold on Worthy but I’m far more confident in him than the Fresh Prince.  First clue that he’s going to be sticking around is the Patriots actively went out and got him.  And not only that, if Worthy makes the Patriots 53 man roster, they get him for free.  So it’s really in Bill’s best interest to try as hard as possible to keep Worthy on roster.

Worthy is very similar to Easley in both size and play style and if Easley isn’t ready to go Week 1, that could be exactly where and when Worthy steps in.  But still keep an eye on him these last two weeks, I’m just curious to see what the guy can do.


And last, but certainly not least, comes the stud among studs.  Butler burst onto the scene against Washington with 7 (or so) tackles and a terrific pass breakup in the endzone on Washington’s opening drive.  He added 5 more tackles and a two forced fumbles against the Eagles last week and I can only guess what lies ahead for us fans tomorrow night against the Panthers.  While the corner position is not exactly one we need help with, Browner is out for four weeks because he likes to hot box his car (or some other closed off area) and there has been a lot of talk of Logan Ryan or even Kyle Arrington playing time at safety.  Also, if Arrington plays safety, I don’t think me weak heart could take seeing him running around the field, always out of position.  I think I would have a heart attack.  Wait, no, I can’t think in this article, so I KNOW I would have a heart attack.

Butler has shown huge playmaking ability and could possibly even start Week 1 opposite Revis or at least in the slot if he keeps this performance up.  Needless to say, of all the players on this list, there is no way in hell Butler is getting cut.  And I will honestly bet my 64 dollars even on that.

Who do you think is a lock?  Let me know in the comments below.

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