Red Sox Land Rusney Castillo, Sign Him to Record Deal

Photo via

Photo via

Red Sox fans, we now have something to celebrate!

Red Sox have just signed the 27 year old Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo to record deal worth $72mm over six years:

In reality it’s actually $72.5mm over seven years since Castillo will be joining the Sox this season, which may not seem like a big difference but it could mean the Sox are only on the line for $10mm a year.  Not bad.

Castillo is the latest big name Cuban to come into MLB free agency.  He’ll join fellow Cuban player Yoenis Cespedes in the outfield.  Some people think Castillo would benefit from a quick stint in AAA but to me, he’s MLB ready and I’d expect the Sox to implement him pretty quickly in the outfield.  It is getting crowded out there so expect some moves to be made to free up field space for this stud.

We’re starting to look better and better…

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