Notes From the Preseason: Game Three

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Patriots destroyed the Panthers in the third preseason game, winning 30-7.

The third game of the preseason is often considered a dress rehearsal for the regular season, a game where the starters tend to play well into the second quarter.  Well if this was a preview to what the Patriots are going to be this year, I for one am wicked excited.

Pats starters played into the third, and were dominant from beginning to end.  Always a good sign if you ask me.  Here are the notes:

  • Obviously there is no better place to start when talking about last night than with my boy, CHANDLAAAA JONES!  He played on the line, off the line as a LB in 3-4, either way he was a man amongst boys last night.  Registering two sacks on Cam (not an easy task) Jones is already looking to be benefiting from an upgraded secondary and two sack games could become a norm for him.
  • Also, with that, a quick — and big — shoutout to the secondary that gave Cam little to work with and led to incomplete passes and coverage sacks.
  • While we may not have the largest wide receivers, they certainly cause a fair number of miss matches.  Brady — while being shaky early in the game — got his shit together and showed off his favorite pass catchers: Julian Edelman and Shane Vereen.  Ju ju ended up with 8 catches for 99 yards and Vereen had 5 for 57 and 2 TDs.  Needless to say, expect both to have big seasons again.
  • I can’t go a Notes without mentioning the man, the myth, the legend, Jimmy Garoppolo.  Another perfect night for him, looking cool calm and collected in the pocket and just looking like an all-around beast.  Also, that boy has one of the fastest releases I have seen.  That ball gets out fast.
  • Not all was great, Brandon Browner still was working with the second teamers and looking unimpressive.  Now granted, he is going to be suspended for the first four games so the Pats might be trying to get a good long look at potential starters in the beginning of the season (looking at you Malcolm Butler), but Browner still has yet to show me that WOW that I hoped he would bring.
  • Ryan Mallett came in to spell Brady, recreating an “emergency moment” but again, Mallett, didn’t do that great.  He just doesn’t look 100% comfy in the offense, still after three seasons.  Not the best sign, especially when the Rook is looking suuuuper comfy running the team.
  • Gostkowski kicked a 60 yard field goal.  That has to be mentioned.
  • Quick stuff: Josh Boyce didn’t record a stat, not a good sign.  Will Smith got a long look with first teamers and looked better than he has in the past two games.  Steve Beauharnais picked off Derek Anderson in the endzone late in the game.  Patrick Chung started along with McCourty and did what he does (play well against the run, not so well in coverage)

All in all, it was a terrific showing by this team and hopefully a good sign for what is to come.  Who’s excited for next week and scrub central!?  THIS GUY!

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