Patriots Surprisingly Cut Tommy Kelly, Will Smith and James Anderson

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Photo via

Patriots make first round of cuts, get younger.

There are always some surprise cuts to come out of the preseason, but its rare to have three key veterans getting released at the same time:

James Anderson was brought in to fill the Dane Fletcher role but never seemed to quite get it.  He flashed some good coverage skills in training camp, but when it came to preseason, he was less than stellar.  Also, Anderson’s inability to play special teams probably played into his release.  Bill likes a man who can do a little bit of everything.

The Fresh Prince was a dud right from the beginning.  At least in my eyes.  Nah, in pretty much everyone’s eyes.  I had high hopes for him, hoping that he could fill a Andre Carter role and be that third pass rusher to spell Jones and Nink.  But Will Smith did pretty much nothing.  So no surprise there.

The real surprise was Tommy Kelly getting cut.  Kelly was signed last year to really bolster the D-line and add an interior pass rush.  And coming back from an ACL tear, things were looking his way.  But I guess not enough.  The one thing this could mean is that Dominique Easley not only is healthy, but is looking really good in practice.  Man I can’t wait to see that man play.

Definitely some surprising cuts, but if this means anything, expect a lot more surprises.

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