Simon Gagne Cannot Be Bruins Top Priority

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The drama brewing within our own little twisted Bruins world will just keep on going to the point of bubbling over. It seems as though the organization truly is out to kill us by emotional pain and unrelenting frustration.

Not only has one of our top (and young) defensemen been offered a pretty hefty deal from the KHL, the Bruins higher-powers have decided now would be a wonderful chance to give Simon Gagne a run for a spot on the team (IT’S NOT LIKE WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT BUSINESS TO ATTEND TO WHEN IT COMES TO RESIGNS OR ANYTHING).

This 34-year-old forward from the Flyer’s may have scored the game-winning goal against us in the 2010 playoffs, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting some serious injuries and box seat time over the past few years. Sure, he won a cup with the Kings in 2012 but that doesn’t really mean much in terms of all the cons I can’t help but see in this.

He’s definitely a veteran in terms of age. While he may be a good player, Gagne doesn’t really have all that many years left on him with his injury record racking up some numbers.

Over the past few seasons, he’s missed 233 regular-season games and 43 playoff games. However, Gagne is definitely a player to be admired with 288 career goals and 309 assists – that much can be said.

Trying to fit him in on the roster is definitely a risk; especially when we still need to re-sign Smith and Krug like… today. At this very second.

There is definitely not enough cap space for this big fella with all the re-signs happening next year and the two re-signs that have yet to happen that absolutely need to.

I’m not entirely sure where Chiarelli is coming on this one. If we want to have a pretty good shot at the Cup this year, we need to keep on with our stronger, young players as well as the veterans we have no. Mixing up that awesome chemistry those boys have going isn’t going to help us along the way at all.

Is it a bad thing we’re getting a look at him? Not necessarily. But Gagne definitely should not be a priority right now. There are bigger and better thing to be attended to before some crazy, risky decision happens again under Chiarelli’s direct, dictatorship orders.

If there is one thing that seems to be staying true, it’s that the Bruins Organization is flailing and doesn’t know what to do with what has been handed to them right now.

A cold Sam Adams and a lobstah dinnah would seriously fix that ailment, for sure.

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Megan Muise is New England born and bred with an attitude and mouth to match, especially during trips to the Bahstan Gahden. Tuukka Rask is her goal-tending God and quite frankly, if Edgar Allen Poe were alive, she'd wanna be his best bud.

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