Placing Brock Holt in the 2015 Red Sox Lineup

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In a 2014 season that took our lofty expectations and shattered them, one player has given Red Sox Nation hope for the future: Brock Holt. Holt won the hearts of Red Sox fans everywhere with a blue-collar work ethic, a solid bat, and the occasional Web Gem to cap off his solid defensive work.

Now, with Boston’s offensive cupboard nearly full, the question remains: Where will Holt play in 2015?

We all know that Holt has played all around the diamond; every position, in fact, except pitcher and catcher. Holt himself has acknowledged that “he’s a baseball player” and in a compact Red Sox lineup, there isn’t a definitive position for him.

If Cherington is smart, he will make Holt the everyday third baseman in 2015.

At 26 years old, Holt is on the cusp of the prime of his baseball career, even though he is technically a rookie this season. While his average in recent weeks has slipped from a torrid .326 to .290, that can be attributed to the uncertainty in the Red Sox organization surrounding July’s “fire sale”, as well as a drained lineup that knows all too well that their season won’t extend into October.

Put him in the projected 2015 lineup with Pedroia, Ortiz, and Cespedes and we’ll see a lot more of the “.326 Brock Holt” next year.

As mentioned earlier, third base is basically the only question mark in next year’s lineup. Pedroia, Ortiz, Bogaerts and Cespedes will most likely resume play in their respective positions. Napoli will probably man first base next year, unless Farrell decides Allen Craig should take over. Castillo will be given first crack at centerfield, and unless the Sox go out and land Giancarlo Stanton (let’s hope!!!), right field will probably be a platoon between Victorino, Nava, and Craig (if he doesn’t predominantly play first base).

It’s either Holt at third, or Will Middlebrooks…

After his breakout 2014 season, Holt at least deserves the first shot to hold down third. This 2015 lineup looks better and better by the second.

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