Thoughts on the Logan Mankins Trade

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Well he has done it again. Bill Belichick has traded away a veteran player so close to the start of the season. Give yourself a round of applause if you had Mankins off the 53 man roster this year.

So how do I feel about the trade? In the short term, it makes the Pats a little worse as they just lost their anchor on the O-Line, a tough locker room leader, and a guy who knows the system. Plus I’m sure he would have helped with a new O-Line coach and all. I’ve heard on talk radio people saying that Mankins was a bad pass blocker and he has slipped, which all may be true but he was still our best OL and he will be missed even if it is only for this week. But eventually we will get over it and the team will be fine. I mentioned in a previous article, when they drafted three rookie O-linemen, that Mankins’ time was coming to a close as he was a big cap hit and wasn’t worth it at that position any longer.

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As far as the trade itself goes, I’ll take it. We got a position of need, another pass catching TE (from Rutgers, of course), who as a rookie last year and, as all you fantasy players know, had a decent year. With a better QB, he should equal or surpass he stats from last year — on paper — of course if he comes in and blows goats and Brady doesn’t gain his trust then he will be nothing more than another talent that couldn’t seem to fit in here. There is no doubt that he has skills so lets hope it works out for him because if it does, in a year or two we could be talking about how we got a steal with this trade just based on the potential production from Wright. It all depends on his earning the trust of Brady.

(Speaking of TB12, a quick story, yesterday I bought one of them new $5 Patriots scratch tickets and it was tkt#12, now shouldn’t tkt#12 AT LEAST WIN YOU $5 BACK IF NOT MORE I MEAN HAS THERE BEEN A MORE IMPORTANT NUMBER IN PATRIOTS HISTORY? Needless to say it was a losing ticket. It should be a crime, anyway that’s my rant on that damn scratch ticket business, now back to our regularly scheduled program.)

If it doesn’t work, at the very least we got a 4th round pick. So all in all, I’m not upset with the deal. I knew it was coming, just thought it would be next year but hey, one year early got a 4th and a young TE with potential who was undrafted so he doesn’t get paid much, which opens up some cash money for Revis Island extension.  Works for me.

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