According to Jackie MacMullan, Rajon Rondo “Wants Out” of Boston And Trade “Will Happen”

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As our own Jack Neill says, “A Rondo rumor a day keeps the doctor away”.

We’ve heard all kinds of Rondo rumors, from teams being interested, to trades being in place, to Rondo and Ainge just sitting it out.  But there is rarely any bad blood to come out of either camp.  That might all change.

Jackie MacMullan was on ESPN’s Around the Horn and the show recently posted a behind the scenes snippet of her talking with interviewer Frank Isola about the next big trade she expected to go down (after the K Love one of course).  Well, evidently in MacMullan’s mind, that player is Rondo.

Here’s the main quote from the interview that will get everyone crazy:

Isola: Hey, Jackie. Now that Kevin Love is traded, you know who is next up. Your boy.

MacMullan: Oh, I hope so. Just get it done.

Isola: Now it’s going to be the fall of Rondo.

MacMullan: I know it. And it will happen because he’s told them he wants out. And no one believes me, but that’s the truth. And I don’t see how you get 80 cents on the dollar for him. Tell me where. Tell me where. The Knicks? People keep saying the Knicks. Yea? Well, who are they going to give you? The Kings want him and the Kings will give you, I think the Kings would give you Isaiah Thomas and, the big kid, McLemore.”

MacMullan just casually drops the biggest bomb yet in the Trade Rondo saga: the fact that he wants out of Boston.  Either MacMullan is totally off base (which I would not bet money on) or Danny Ainge and Rondo have done an extremely good job at keeping quite about their disagreements.

Now, it is interesting to note that the youtube video was quickly pulled down by ESPN so take that to mean what you will.  Could be because MacMullan hit the nail on the head.  But needless to say, this is a huge development (if true) since up until this point, Rondo has been the perfect player and has never stated once that he wants out of Boston.  In fact he has done just the opposite before.

But who knows now.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Quick update: Rondo’s camp denies demanding a trade and that he wants out of Boston:

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