Notable Cuts the Patriots Should Take a Look At

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Who just got cut that the Patriots could snag?  Not my best sentence ever.

I know I’ve started many pieces like this, but I can’t help it: REGULAR SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!  Like in just a few days.  Try three days to be exact.  Yes it won’t be the Patriots playing Thursday night, but still football and that is enough to make me happy.

Now cuts have come and gone and teams have snipped out the scrubs, the castoffs, the old veterans, and even some preseason studs.  Now is when every fan looks at the available free agents and says, “Man, my team could definitely use this guy!”  Then clamor with all their might for the team to sign said man, who ultimately will get picked up by the Jets, sucks it up for a couple of weeks, then gets cut again and we will all be happy that the Hoodie in all his wisdom didn’t listen to us.

But it’s no fun not to at least try and reason out who the Patriots could sign to help certain positions and just make the team all around better.  Plus, whats the harm?  I’m almost 100% sure Bill and Bob both don’t read this site so I think my words won’t sway them to make a silly mistake.  Or maybe they will read this, sign the guy, and it will turn out to be a great success.  I’m sticking with the former.


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But we just cut this guy!  What gives Pete?

Here is the Hoodie at his most conniving and evil.  The Patriots traded a conditional pick to the Packers for the former 2nd round pick last month.  Now, that pick would not get sent to the Packers if Worthy didn’t make the final 53 man roster.  Which he didn’t.  So no pick.  But could Bill have been taking a calculated gamble in releasing Worthy?  He made it through waivers and now the Patriots can scoop him right back up and keep their 6th round pick (I believe that’s what it was). 

Too shrewd?  Possibly.  Most likely Worthy didn’t make enough of an impression on the Patriots to keep him around, especially with last year studs Chris Jones and Sealver Siliga waiting in the wings.  So maybe Worthy is just me thinking Bill is far more evil and plotting than he actually is.  But still, this does kinda sound like something he would do…


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Safety — strong safety to be specific — has to be the most obviously hole in an otherwise stacked secondary.  The Pats played a whole buffet of safeties across from McCourty during preseason, and none of them really stood out.  Pat Chung did remind us all that he can hit, but was then quick to remind us that he sucks in coverage.  Tavon Wilson still amazes me with a roster spot while Duron Harmon looks to be the starter across from McCourty on Sunday.  I’m not sure.  That should tell you about the toss up that is the safety position.

Wright played his last four years with the Bears, totaling 100 tackles, 2 INTs (one returned for a touchdown) and 2 forced fumbles last year.  He tried out with the Bucs and getting back with old coach Lovie Smith, but I guess Lovie didn’t love him (I’m a wizard with puns).  It might be a bit late to bring in Wright and expect him to start Week1, but at least he would be a safety that I can look at and guess he’s the starter.  Looking at our currently safety chart, I’ll just throw a dart and see who it hit.


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Rebuild the Law Firm on the corner of Patriots Place and Washington Street.  Give him his robes back and he can even wear his white, powdered wig.  I’ll allow it.

Running back was a big position this preseason with a lot of new faces coming in (and most of them coming out) and it’s still unclear exactly who will be taking over at back.  Stevan Ridley fumbled and, according to some people (looking at you Mike Reiss), might have almost fumbled away his career.  That’s just silly talk.  For all the hype James White was getting, he looked very hype-less when on the field.  Brandon Bolden was inactive for much of the preseason and really only Shane Vereen did anything I care about. 

BJGE knows the offense, knows the team, knows how awesome we are, and he doesn’t fumble the ball.  I’m not saying lets go back to the Law Firm permanently, but don’t you think it would be smart to bring him in, help tutor Ridley how NOT to fumble and maybe let him punch in a few touchdowns while he’s at it.  I’m cool with it.

Mikel Leshoure, Ryan Williams and Daniel Thomas are also free agents if the Pats are reaaaally not cool with their running back situation.


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Let the media circus try their very darnedest to infiltrate the walls of Foxboro.  How quickly did Tebow mania die when he was confined to the walls of Patriots Place?  A lot faster than Rex Ryan can run, thats for sure.

There were 12 players who tailed more than 2.5 sacks during the preseason.  Ten of them are on a team.  One is on a practice squad.  The other is Michael Sam.  Sure you can make the argument that he was going up against the twos or that he doesn’t do anything other than pass rush but who cares, he can pass rusher.  That was abundantly clear.  He sacked the magically elusive Johnny Manziel twice and then swagged out on top of him rocking his money sign.  I love it.

The Patriots still need to find that pass rushing specialist to come in and spell Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich when they are tired.  We tried with the Fresh Prince but he got sent out to Bel Air, so that didn’t work.  Sam has all the tools to become a strong (not elite, but very strong) pass rusher which is exactly what the Patriots need.  It just makes sense to me.


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Stephen Hill sucked it up with the Jets from the very beginning and the Patriots don’t really need another wide receiver, but how wonderful would it be if Belichick got Hill to become a top notch wide receiver when Ryan couldn’t?  It would just fill my heart with joy.

Pat Angerer can tackle and cover.  Two things the Patriots are now specifically looking for in their linebackers.  With the position being already extremely shallow, making a move for Angerer makes a butt load of sense, especially with the Pats injury history.

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