Krejci Remaining in the Black and Gold For a Long Time

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The Hockey God’s have finally heard our prayers! Some very exciting news has come hot off the presses and into our warm and loving Bruins Nation embrace!

Our feisty, first-line forward David Krejci has agreed to a contract with GM Peter Chiarelli (You know, the grumpy old troll that lives under the bridge).

Krejci has a year left on his current three-year contract worth $15.75 million. This shiny, new deal is worth a whopping $43.5 million and will come into effect in the 2015-2016 season.

Fans, analysts, and commentators have been stating for quite some time now that our first-liner is a good competitor in the trade market. Tis blasphemous.

Krejci ended this past 2013-2014 season with 19 goals, 50 assists, and 69 points (Do I even need to mention the plus-39 league ranking?).

While he didn’t score any goals this past playoff season, Krejci was an absolute key component in making a run for the cup in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. He managed 9 goals, 17 assists, and 26 points (all within 22 games if I may add that in).

Next off-season is looking up to be yet another roller coaster ride of emotion for us Bruins fans. Not only is Soderberg as well as Johnny Rocket up for new deals, rough-and-tough Dougie Hamilton is set for a contract extension. Following the 2015-2016 season, Bruins Brute, Milan Lucic, will be following as his present deal comes to a close.

May Lord Stanley be with us.

But don’t worry kids! Less than 40 days till opening night.

Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming…

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