The Three Most Likely Trade Scenarios for Rajon Rondo

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Celtics’ point guard Rajon Rondo has been the hottest topic when it comes to trade rumors the past few seasons, and this year is no different.  About a week ago, there was a rumor that Rondo had actually requested a trade, but that rumor was shot down by Rondo’s agent.  However, since we all know that Rondo could be traded any day, let`s discuss three of the most likely destinations for him.


Let’ start with the least likely of the three in my opinion. Besides the fact that teams are not big fans of each other, the Lakers don’t have much to offer for an All Star point guard.  Sure they would give us Julius Randle, Jeremy Lin, and either a draft pick or two…but I don’t think an unproven rookie, a below average point guard and multiple draft picks is enough.  Besides, the Celtics just drafted a very talented point guard, so now Lin isn’t even useful to us. 

The only reason the Lakers might have an advantage over other teams is if they are willing to take Gerald Wallace and his ridiculous contract.  The Lakers know they won’t be contending for years to come, but getting Rajon Rondo to work with their very young and potentially talented team, isn’t a bad start.  The only other thing that would have made a difference was Pau Gasol, who`s now in Chicago.


This one all depends on what happens to Greg Monroe.  If the Pistons resign him, we could very well see a Rondo for Monroe trade.  If they do not resign him, they could always attempt to give us Josh Smith.  I think that Greg Monroe is what we would want, and if they don’t have him, nothing between the Pistons and Celtics will happen. 


This is the most likely destination.  I know, many Celtics fans don’t want to hear it, but it’s becoming more and more likely in my opinion. Now that Phil Jackson is in charge, and they have Carmelo Anthony back, it wouldn’t shock me to see them make a hard run at Rondo, especially if they are in the middle of the Eastern conference by the All Star Break. 

The Knicks convinced Carmelo to stay instead of fleeing to Chicago, so we have to assume they said something to entice him to stay, besides the money.  Carmelo has been quoted before saying he’d like to play with Rondo, and after playing with a point guard like Raymond Felton, who could blame him? As for what the Celtics could get, I see Stoudemire, Felton, and if the Celtics really want to push the Knicks, Hardaway Jr.

Once the Rondo rumors start up again in late November, early December, and the Knicks seem to be the frontrunner, remember who said it first.   

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