A Slimmer Sully Could Be a Better Sully

Will the real Slim Sully please stand up?

During his offseason conditioning, Jared Sullinger has lost some noticeable weight. Could this be a good thing for the Celtics? Yes, of course. Could this potentially mean nothing at all? Well…yes, of course, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to mean good things for Sully.

Coming off of his back surgery that cut his rookie year short, Sully was getting shut down by opposing teams early last year because he avoided playing a lot of contact basketball before returning and stuck to mainly playing one-on-one to condition and get back into shape. He said himself that he was playing as if he was “behind the eight ball”.

This year with his lost weight, Sully should be a lot quicker and more physically ready to play more minutes. There’s no doubt that he is going to be one of the C’s best players in this upcoming season and having him on the court for longer can only mean better things.

Last year he averaged 27.6 mpg but this year we could see probably upwards of 35-36 mpg from him. Since he is in better shape, he will also be more likely to play at a higher level later in the game or even when the game is on the line. He will be able to play the fourth quarter with the same intensity as the tip-off. There is no doubt that he will be much quicker on the court which will benefit a team that will have to run with the guards of Rondo, Smart, and Bradley. This will also allow him to make quicker moves to the basket and give more options to the amazing guards that the Celtics have.

Overall, a slimmer Sully is a better Sully. There can only be positive changes to his game from his weight loss and as he said, he is pretty much “in front of the eight ball” now.

Kevin Love’s game became increasingly better after he lost weight and I always liked to think that Sully could be the next Love (can shoot threes, can score well, and we have seen him pull down many many rebounds). This could be Sully’s huge break out year, seeing a huge improvement in his game, all because he got himself into better shape. I can’t wait to watch it unfold and I am sure you cant either.

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