Patriots Must be Prepared (and Scared) For Peterson and Patterson

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Sounds like a law firm, Peterson & Patterson: Running for over 300 yards a game since 2014.

I think we have all spent enough time this week wallowing in ourself pity over the destruction that was our season opener.  Yes it sucked, but I’ve tried to move on and you can sure as hell bet that both Tom Terrific and the Hoodie have moved on.

So onward and upward to Minnesota where the Patriots defense must try to contain Adrian Peterson.  Shit.  And the now fantasy stud/1st week standout/could have been Patriots (more on that later)/wide receiver slash running back Cordarrelle Patterson.  Double shit.  A lofty task for a defense that surrendered 191 yards and are ranked the 4th worst D against the run.

It won’t be a secret what the Vikings’ offense will be built around.  It hasn’t been a secret since 2007 when the Oakland Raiders decided to send their team into damnation for eternity and the Vikings became the lucky benefactors of the Raiders’ stupidity.  Even when they had Brett Favre, really the only thing he was good for was throwing interceptions, the occasional game winner, and handing off to Mr. All Day.  Adrian Peterson will be the Vikings’ offense.

The key to the game will be containing number 28. 

I know I rather routinely make the joke that Bill Belichick or Brady or Matt Patricia reads my blog and that they will care what I have to say.  Well, this time it’s not a joke.  Matt Patricia, this message is for you and you will read this: DO NOT RUN A FUCKING 34 DEFENSE AGAINST THE VIKINGS.  I don’t know what you were so freaking in love with it last week but Chandler Jones is not a 34 DE nor is he a 34 OLB.  He is a pass rushing, and pretty skilled run blocking 43 DE.  That is what you drafted him for.  Rob Ninkovich is great at stopping the run, when he is lined up as the LE in a 43 defense.  Vince Wilfork clogs up space in the middle and when you can add another big man with him, maybe a Chris Jones or that guy we used a first round pick on — Mr. Easley — the holes 28 has to slip through are a lot smaller.  AND we don’t have four linebackers to even run a 34!  We have three strong starting linebackers.  SO START THOSE THREE!

If the Patriots continue to stay stubborn in their 34 defense, Adrian Peterson will have a career day, which is saying something since his career day to this point is 296 yards on 30 carries and 3 touchdowns.

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Of course, as the whole NFL witnessed last week, Peterson is no longer the Vikings’ only weapon on offense.  Patterson broke out on the Week 1 stage in a big way, and broke my heart as he sat on my bench while Dez Bryant started and simply watch Tony Romo throw interception after interception.  Damn you fantasy football!

While Brian Schottenheimer was scratching his head about how to use Tavon Austin, Norv Turner was showing the NFL how it was done.  With jet sweeps, screens, pick plays and bombs down the field, Turner was getting the ball into Patterson’s hands with nothing but green grass in front of him.  And unlike Austin, Patterson is an actual receiving threat, standing at 6’2” and weighing a big boy 220 pounds.

Now I mentioned this earlier, and it has been a hot topic this week, but Patterson could have been a Patriot.  In 2013, the Patriots had the 29th pick in the draft and could have taken Patterson.  Instead, they traded it to the Vikings, who went a drafted Patterson and we now can see how much they like having him around.  But did the Patriots make a stupid mistake here?

Nope.  Nope nope.  Nope nope nope.  No.  No. 

I think I’ve made my point clear.

The Patriots received the Vikings 2nd round pick (which became now stud linebacker Jamie Collins), 3rd round pick (which is now known as Logan Ryan), 4th round pick (Josh Boyce), and 7th round pick (which got traded to the Buccaneers for LeGarrette Blount in still arguably one of the most one sided deals of the century).  So yea, I think the Patriots made the right choice.

It became quickly apparent that the Patriots did not take the Dolphins seriously and thought that either there was a 5th preseason game that no one knew about or that they could just stroll in for the easy win, but both the defense and offense looked woefully unprepared.  If that happens again on Sunday against the two headed monster of Peterson and Patterson, expect both to destroy the stat sheets and fantasy owners everywhere to have mini (or quite possible massive) sportsgasims.

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