What to Expect From Bruins’ Training Camp

Photo via gettyimages.com

Photo via gettyimages.com

21 days and counting…

Our time has come.

Let us all join together and rejoice like all the Who’s did – even after the Grinch stole Christmas – that our boys in the Black and Gold are ready to tear up the ice once more and try to get their paws on Lord Stanley’s prized Cup. For once this year, I would like to cry tears of happiness over this godforsaken team. Just once.

There is less than a month until the season opener against the Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins still have plenty of unfinished business that needs attending to.


Should we be preparing for my heartbreak? Or should we be optimistic about the future of this upcoming season and the starting roster?


Our beloved Looch had injured his wrist during the Montreal Series (of which we will not speak of for at least another 37 years). He underwent surgery in May to hurry along the process, but Lucic has stated he still will not be at one-hundred percent by the time training camp starts on Thursday, September 18th. Since the surgery, our rough-and-tough forward has been unable to complete upper-body work outs for at least three months.

Looch has taken a seat on a struggle bus that keeps going down.

There are no guarantees as to where he will stand by the time we throw down with Philly, but we can have a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.


Photo via rantsports.com

Photo via rantsports.com

Ah, yes. The trial that has burdened and frustrated us all since the end of the season. Ken Doll forward Reilly Smith and Tasmanian Devil defensemen Torey Krug are going into the 2014-2015 season contract-less and wondering where the hell they stand with the Boston Bruins.

It’s not their fault, however. Both were key players during the entire 2013-2014 season. Peter Chiarelli just has no money. His strategy for taking on re-signs the entire off-season was a risky one; deciding to give Jordan Caron (Insert heavy eye-roll here) and Matt Bartkowski contracts before any other players up for free-agency.

Both Smith and Krug did not attend the annual Boston Bruins Golf Tournament this past week, making other players on the team weary about their futures with the Bruins Organization.

We can’t blame them for looking out for themselves, either. It all comes down to Thursday morning as to what we should be seeing in regards to their situation (Doesn’t change the fact that I would love to be the one to burn Peter Chiarelli at the stake).


The Bruin’s Nation can’t pretend like they hadn’t seen this coming.

It looks like there truly might be a trade between the Boston Bruins to send fan-favorite, Johnny Boychuck, packing on up to the Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton hasn’t yet released who else would be involved in the trade, but the drama doesn’t end there.

Speaking of Torey Krug, Chiarelli has this crazy idea that sending Krug to Edmonton in place of Boychuck would be this genius idea.

Excuse me as I throw myself into a wall.

While Boychuck may be a veteran – and someone we all hold close to our hearts – Krug is simply younger and has a lot more time that can be spent with us when talking about the future of the team.

Another name thrown into the mix is that of prospect, Joe Morrow.

While nothing is yet to be confirmed, try your best to prepare yourself for the flood of emotion that will inevitably come from this atrocious happening.


Photo via bostonherald.com

Photo via bostonherald.com

Here. We. Go.

The man who has been said to be better than T-Segs himself when he first got drafted. The man with the pink boxing gloves. The man who scored his first goal during the Rookie Tournament in Nashville this past week on a power-play.

Girls love him, boys want to be him, and the Boston Bruins want to throw him on David Krejci’s line as his right-winger during training camp.

It’s been quite a ride for David Pastrnak since he was first drafted as a 1st round pick back in June. He has managed to woo the hearts of nearly everyone in the organization with his impeccable skill for the game and unmatched speed on the ice.

Coach Claude Julien has been quoted saying the Mr. Pastrnak may just land his very own spot on the starting roster; granted that all goes well during camp this week.

*Sigh* We can only hope, can’t we?

Between trade rumors and re-signs that have yet to have taken place and rookie’s stealing the hearts of the Bruins fans and organization alike, this season is looking up to be something straight out of soap opera.

All that can be said from here is to buckle in and get ready for the last whiplash that will, inevitably, be heading our way within the next few weeks.

She wasn’t reeaadddyyyy…

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