Should the Red Sox Trade Dustin Pedroia?

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Ever since his sensational rookie season back in 2007, Dustin Pedroia has captivated the hearts of Red Sox fans everywhere with a consistent bat, Gold Glove defense, and a tremendous work ethic. The two-time World Champion earned an eight-year, $110 million contract in 2013, cementing his status as Red Sox second baseman for many years to come.

Unfortunately, not everyone among Red Sox Nation is thrilled.

Tony Massarotti, perhaps best known as co-host of CSN New England’s Felger and Mazz, has called for the Red Sox to explore trade proposals for the Laser Show:

If Bill Belichick were running the Red Sox, I think we all know what he would do: He would have started playing Mookie Betts at second base days ago, and he would at least explore the value of Dustin Pedroia on the trade market.

So shouldn’t the Red Sox at least be considering it?

Citing a steady decline in Pedroia’s statistical performance, Mazz feels that Pedroia is overvalued by the Red Sox, and that his age and upcoming 10-5 provision (giving him full no-trade immunity) warrant an immediate move.

This would be a big mistake.

Pedroia has been the Gorilla Glue in a decaying Boston lineup this year. He never lights up the stat sheet, but then again, he never really has, even in his 2008 MVP campaign. His effort makes him nearly untouchable through trade; he plays the game hard, and he makes everyone around him better because of it. Also, with the influx of young players coming up, Pedroia is as good a mentor as any other savvy veteran in baseball.

Next season will be very important for Boston’s future. There is no more leeway for Sox ownership, and the fan base will not tolerate another dismal season under any circumstances. If 2015 fails, I’ll consider dealing Pedroia, but so far, all signs are pointing to a bounce-back year for the Red Sox.

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