Join the Staff

We are always looking for more Massholes to join us on the couch and write for us, sharing their opinions about the best sports town in America.  If you are interested, please email with a Boston sports related writing sample.

Why write with us?

  • We all love Boston sports to death.
  • We’re quickly creating a strong fan base that enjoys and interacts with our writers.
  • If the Jet, Giants, Yankees, Lakers, Canadiens or any other stupid team wins, we will all be just as pissed as you.
  • Relaxed writing environment, you don’t need to be a pro, just need to love Boston.
  • You’re guaranteed to get at least two more twitter followers.  That’s a big plus!
  • Who wouldn’t wanna join the couch crew? (That is a hashtag that we’ve been trying to get trending, but obviously been failing miserably)

If you’re at all interested but don’t have a writing sample, feel free to just email me and we can talk!

Keep reading and never leave the couch.

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