About the Couch

From the Couch is just a local Boston sports blog where we all have important opinions that everyone has to read about.  I (Pete Rogers) started this blog in 2013 as just an avenue for me and some of my chillest bros (Matt Hart and Will Gibbons) to write and share our opinions about the greatest sports town in America.

Since then we’ve gained more awesome skilled writers and have created quite the staff of massholes featuring the brilliance of Rob Hyland, Marc Ramos, Megan Muise, Jack Neill, and Sean ConnersTim Durgin from the View.

We try to bring you the passionately obsessed fan’s perspective on Boston sports and try to do it with as little glamor as possible.  We make our opinions known and don’t beat around the bush with them.  Anyone who reads this site knows I hate Carmelo Anthony, Marc hates Danny Amendola, Gibbons hates going to bed during basketball and Megan hates Sidney Crosby.  But let’s be honest, who doesn’t hate him?  If you’re looking for professional, well written articles breaking down Boston sport like they just some other teams, then you’ve come to the wrong spot.  What we lack in professionalism, we make up for in sheer obsessiveness.  We love what we write and we write what we love.  It leads to some excellent topics.

I also have a not so secret obsession with Scarlett Johansson which I felt I needed to share with the world, which obviously led to the Beautiful Person of the Day feature.  Gibbons just loves everyone so he was instantly on board.  And the internet is too full of Eli Manning’s ugly ass face so we’re doing our part to make the world a little more beautiful.  Please feel free to suggest a beautiful person by tweeting at us (@ftcsports) if you feel like we’ve been overlooking someone gorgeous.  Plus we’ll give you a big old shoutout so thats awesome.

If you are interested in writing for us or just want to tell us how shitty we are, you can email me at petermcdrogers@gmail.com.  If you have a particular beef with a writer, leave a comment.  Then they can reply and start a comment war.  Because those are the best.  And good for business.

So explore the site, enjoy reading, and never leave the couch.  It’s a really comfy couch.

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